UPDATE: month 4

4 month baby update | gracefulmommy.com


24.5 inches (45%), 13.6 oz (28%). Doctor said she looks great! She was thrilled I am still breastfeeding Gracie. She also said not to worry about the 28th percentile because Gracie is going along her growth curve just fine. Yay Gracie! 

4 month baby update | gracefulmommy.com

Our routine is pretty much the same as last month. Gracie wakes up around 8:00am and eats right away. Then we play for about an hour and a half until she’s tired again. She takes a pretty good morning nap while I shower and get ready for the day. Then I feed her and we play for a while again! She has been loving being on her tummy! After we play for a while, she goes down for another nap. I usually try to clean, nap, and eat while she sleeps. Then when she wakes up, I feed her again and we either run errands, hang with family, go outside, or play more! Around 2, Gracie takes another great nap. She goes to bed around 8:30pm now. It’s nice to have some time with Dave. I feed her around 10 or 11, right before we go to sleep.


Hm… I’m not sure what happened. I’ve read about the four month sleep regression, and I think that’s going on. Gracie had been sleeping so good- like 8 hours a night! Now, she wakes up every 2-3 to feed. Usually she goes right back to sleep, which is awesome. But it’s still weird!

4 month baby update | gracefulmommy.com


Still exclusively breastfeeding! We’re planning on waiting until 5-6 months to start any kind of solids. I can’t wait though! For now- were enjoying nursing. It’s still one of my favorite times with Gracie. It really has become a time of calmness in my day, and a time to truly be thankful for Gracie. I love it!


Gracie is wearing 3 month clothes!


Gracie is really trying to roll over! She has done it once or twice from her back to her tummy, but I think it was just accidental haha! She puts everything in her mouth- especially her fingers! She’s been laughing more- my favorite! Her neck is definitely stronger, but I think we still have a little while until she sits up on her own. She does not like loud noises. When Dave sneezes, she cries! AW!

How I feel

Great! I absolutely love being a mommy! I was made for this. What I am especially thankful for is the ability to stay at home with Gracie (thanks to my amazing hubby!). It is such a blessing to be able to witness every little thing Gracie does. I am loving it! I am a little bit shocked at how fast time is going, though. Where’s my teeny tiny baby!?

Happy four months Gracie!

4 month baby update | gracefulmommy.com


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    Kari! I love your blog!! I love the name of your blog! I love you so much! Ohhhhh and I looovvvveee GRACIE LYNN!!!!!

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