UPDATE: month 1

UPDATE: month 1 | gracefulmommy.com

UPDATE: month 1 | gracefulmommy.com


22 inches / 9 lbs 6 oz.


We still haven’t managed to get into a steady routine yet. For the most part, Gracie sleeps, eats, plays, then sleeps again. I love wearing Gracie in the solly wrap or the ergo carrier. She loves both!


Gracie is now mostly sleeping in her crib. For the first few weeks, she slept in her Mamaroo at night and for naps. She seemed to like this better than her crib. She wakes up a lot to eat- but I find myself waking up to check on her anyways! She takes a lot of naps during the day. Sometimes she will sleep for an hour-2 straight, but sometimes it is only a 30 minute nap. Kinda depends!
Gracie likes sleeping on her back and swaddled in an Aden and Anais swaddle or Halo sleepsack!
We have been using the Sleep Sounder app on my phone for white noise. Gracie likes the SHHH sound or the ocean sound. It really does seem to calm her down though.


The first two weeks of breastfeeding did not go the best. One night, I started getting horrible flu like symptoms and actually felt horrible. It was honestly worst than labor!! It ended up being mastitis- an infection caused by clogged ducts. After being put on antibiotics.. things have started getting better. Now, breastfeeding is going great. It definitely took a while for us to get used to everything. But now we seem to be getting the hang of it. Gracie eats at least every 2 hours. Sometimes I feed her sooner if she seems hungry.


Gracie grew out of a few of her newborn onesies! But, they may have shrunk in the wash. She is still wearing newborn clothes and newborn diapers. She does not like getting her outfits changed!


Gracie smiled! Daddy blew a raspberry on her cheek and she smiled! We both looked at each other in shock, and then she did it again! Watching her smile is so cute and melts our hearts!

How I feel

Overall, I feel good! It took about a week or two to feel sort of normal. Then, mastitis hit! I felt horrible for a few days. After that, I started feeling better :D. I am still in shock that I am a mommy! I keep looking at Gracie and I can’t believe she is really here!
Happy one month Gracie!
UPDATE: month 1 | gracefulmommy.com

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  2. Susan says:

    Kari my Love muffin!!! How did I miss your Gracie’s 1st birthday??? Awww she is soooo precious and you are the best Mommy in all the world ~ until my daughter gives birth this Christmas!!! ?
    Oh but then she will be equally as good!!
    Awww Happy very first birthday Gracie Lynn Og!!! I love the bunch of yous!!!!

  3. Susan says:

    Well we are family and its sad to be on opposite coasts but distance does NOT make us any less strong! We have a wonderful family close as ever only bc pf Who’s we are!!! ?
    I love you Kari! You and our entire wonderful family!!!! ?❤❤❤

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