TODDLER BED UPDATE (with Washabelle)

About 5 months ago, we received an amazing kid mattress from a company called Washabelle. You can read my first post about it here. At the time Gracie was 18 months and was sleeping in our bed still. It wasn’t the worst, but we were ready to have some peaceful sleep again (she moves A LOT).

At first, we put pillows and blankets all around the bed. We were so paranoid she would roll out- even though it’s on the floor! She did roll out a few times. Sometimes would stay asleep on the floor, but sometimes would cry. I would always just go in and move her back to the bed and sneak out again. She took to her bed INSTANTLY. Naps + nighttime sleep for the most part were no problem. The Washabelle bed is honestly like a temperpedic, it’s SO COMFY.

HOW DOES SHE SLEEP NOW? Gracie sleeps awesome in her Washabelle mattress. Every now and then she has a rough night (as any kid does) and I end up going in there to lay with her until she falls back asleep. The one problem is her bed is SO comfy- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally fallen asleep in it. LOL!

DOES GRACIE ROLL OFF? Rarely, now! I don’t even need to put pillows at the edge because she has adjusted to the bed so well. She knows where the edge is and tends to stay right on it. It’s on the floor still, so even if she does roll off- she can’t get hurt. I also have it still in the corner so two of the sides are against the wall.

Toddler Bed Update -

DOESN’T SHE JUST GET OUT OF BED + PLAY ALL NIGHT? Surprisingly, she NEVER did this. When it’s bedtime, she’s tired and ready for sleep. She never just plays in her room when the lights are off. The thing she sometimes does is knock on the door and yell “MOMMY!” if she can’t sleep. Then I just either wait a while and she’ll go back to her bed, or I have to go in and lay with her for a few minutes (or hours if I accidentally fall asleep).

HAVE YOU WASHED IT? Did you know the Washabelle mattress is washable!? It still blows my mind. I have washed it once to test it out. Read about that experience here. Since then, I haven’t needed to wash it. Although we are starting potty training so I’m sure I’ll be washing it soon.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS MATTRESS. Oh my goodness. I seriously can’t stop talking about it. Anytime someone comes over, they are always so curious about her floor mattress and I seriously rant and rave about it. Gracie sleeps so good + I love knowing it can be washed at any time if we need to.

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