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Disney’s Treehouse Villas Review

Disney's Treehouse villa review! I've always wanted to stay here.

Disney's Treehouse villa review! I've always wanted to stay here.

We just got back from Disney World yesterday. I’m having major disney withdrawals! Ugh, it’s so hard to leave vacation! But I can’t wait to share some photos of our beautiful Treehouse Villa!

We stayed in the Treehouse Villa from Thursday-Sunday. It was an awesome stay, and one of my favorite places now! While it’s not an actual treehouse, it does have lots of charm and is something very different than traditional Disney villas. Here are a few features of the Treehouse Villas, as well as some downsides of staying here.

➕Sleeps NINE  – The Treehouse Villas sleep 9, comfortably! The master has a queen bed, one guest room has bunkbeds, the other guest room has a queen bed, and the main living area has two pull out sofas! We were very comfortable with 6 adults and one child. However, the villas only have 2 bathrooms. With 6 adults, three bathrooms would have been even more comfortable!

➕Super cozy – I love the cozy cabin decorations of the villa. Everything is very rustic and cabin-y, which was super fun and relaxing. You instantly felt like you were transported out of Florida and into some northern state. Even driving to the Treehouse Villa was so cozy. The scenery is just to-die-for!

➕ Private and remote – The Treehouse Villas are SUPER secluded. Now, this can be a good thing, but also bad. It’s awesome because you are completely away from the hustle and bustle of Disney. The Treehouse Villas stand alone, so you definitely won’t hear any neighbors or kids running above you like in some hotels. But, it is very set back from all of Disney. That means it takes longer to get to EVERYWHERE. You have to take a bus to a bus to the park. The Treehouse villas have their own bus station. Bu that bus takes you to the main saratoga building. Then you have to get on another bus to take you to the park. If you’ve ever stayed at Saratoga Springs before, you know it’s HUGEEEEE. So usually the buses are packed. And then, you have to make MULTIPLE stops to pick up and drop off people at each building. That’s kind of the biggest bummer of the Treehouse Villas. Because of this, we ended up driving to the park most days. Or we just drove to the main Saratoga building, then hopped the bus.

Disney's Treehouse villa review! I've always wanted to stay here.

➕Private patio – The patio of the Treehouse Villa might be my favorite part! You are completely private and surrounded by trees. It’s beautiful, and a fun place to look for birds and animals. Gracie loved it out here. They even provide you with a high chair, so the whole family can enjoy sitting out there!

➕Every room has a window and view – I loved looking out of every window to see trees everywhere. It really does feel like a treehouse! Each room has huge windows. Gracie loved looking out the windows and watching the trees move.

➕Grill – We never used it, but each villa has their own barbecue grill! So fun!

➕Access to Disney Springs – The Treehouse Villas have their OWN boat dock that takes you RIGHT to Disney Springs. I love that feature!!

So as you can see we loved the Villas! However, there were a few downsides to staying here! In my opinion, the positives outweigh the fact that you’re pretty far off and secluded. In fact, I actually like that about the Villas. It’s a great place to relax after a crazy day in the parks!