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UPDATE: month 3

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.com

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.comHeight/Weight

 We didn’t take Gracie to the doctor this month- so I’m not sure! She’s definitely growing though!


Gracie loves having a routine! She gets kind of out of sorts without one. But I’m not the type of person to be on a strict schedule.. so we are more go with the flow. We definitely do the same things each day and certain things come after certain activities. If you have read my post on the 90-minute baby sleep program, you know that Gracie loves this routine! She naps, then eats, then we play, then, 90 minutes from the time she last woke up,  she goes down for another nap!

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.com


Gracie is a great sleeper! She takes naps throughout the day- usually 4. And goes to sleep for the night pretty easily. She has been sleeping longer stretches at night (WOO!!). Usually 6-8 hours. We’ve even gotten a 9 hour stretch! Go Gracie go!

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.com


Still exclusively breastfeeding and still loving it! Gracie eats every 2 hours- except at night like I mentioned. I’m still fascinated by the fact that my body alone can provide life for Gracie. It is too cool.

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.com


Gracie is wearing size 0-3 month and size 3 month clothes! I officially put away all of the newborn clothes! AW SAD! It’s crazy how fast she is growing.


Gracie is smiling a ton! She has done a few really great laughs. Like belly laughs! Those are the best. She finally loves bath time. PHEW. She loves being outside. She likes being on her tummy more. She loves to do baby talk. And sleep! She loves to sleep.

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.com

How I feel

Hmm… different story over here. Up until this point, I have been doing great! But, I had still been bleeding since birth and apparently that is not normal. I had to get a few tests and ultrasounds done. It turns out there was still some stuff leftover from birth (EW) that had to be removed. So, a couple of weeks ago, I went in for surgery to get it removed. Crazy! A couple days after, I was very tired and weak. But I started to feel better! I finally feel completely normal! YAY! Cause that was NO FUN.

Happy three months Gracie!

Three month baby update | gracefulmommy.com