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Best Planners for Moms

Best planners to help you stay organized!

Best planners to help you stay organized!

I love planners. I don’t know why- but there is something about writing stuff down that really motivates me. Planners help me stay organized because I can never remember something unless it’s on paper. I’ve tried to stay organized using iCal, but it doesn’t really work for me. I need something handwritten.

These are my 6 favorite planners! The one I have used for a year is the bullet journal (#4). It’s amazing. But all of these are great planners that are perfect for staying organized.

1-Big Monthly Planner// I love this planner because it is big enough to write plenty of things on one day. It also looks great hung on the wall or above the desk.

2-Desk Calendar// I love how simply this planner is. Each day has 5-6 bullet points to write your to-dos in. It makes things way simpler.

3-Erin Condren Life Planner// This is an expensive planner ($50) but it has everything you need. You can even change out the cover anytime. There are so many pages including full calendar and weekly pages. You can’t go wrong with this one.

4-Bullet Journal// The bullet journal is the planner I use. All you need is a blank notebook. The website teaches you how to set it up. It is so customizable and you can tailor it to your needs. I’ve used this system for a year- and I love it! It has made my life SO much simpler and I get way more done during the day. I swear.

5-Printable Planner Pages// This is a great planner because you can print it at home. It has sections for your daily schedule, top 5 to do list, notes, meal and exercise plan. It even has an area to write down your favorite quote of the day! I love that.

6-Giant Monthly Planner// This planner is awesome because it is so big. It’s perfect for moms of a lot of kids. You can start it at any month. And the spaces are big enough to write your to-do list or different kids events. It has enough space in each box to even put stickers or post-its. This just looks cool hanging on the side of the fridge or even by the desk.

How do you plan on staying organized this year?