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Newborn Baby Shadowbox

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! | gracefulmommy.com

DIY newborn baby shadow box- Great ideas! | gracefulmommy.com

Don’t keep baby’s newborn mementos in a box under the bed- display them in a beautiful shadowbox!

I always heard moms say how fast time flies with kids. I get it now. Time really does speed by! I can’t believe Gracie is almost five months old. I wanted to make a shadowbox that would hold all of the memories from Gracie’s birth so I can always remember that special day. When I was making this shadowbox, memories of her birth came rushing back to me! That’s why I love this project. I’m going to hang it in Gracie’s nursery so I can always have these memories to look at! It’s just so beautiful!

diy newborn baby shadow box - Great tips! | gracefulmommy.com

Materials You Need

Shadowbox- Mine opens from the front, but you can get any type.

Sewing pins- They are prettier than thumbtacks and they come in different colors.

Background Paper- Gracie’s new nursery theme will be white and gold so I wanted it to match. Burlap would also be cool! Pick something that is neutral or goes with the nursery. 

(Side note: I got all of my materials at Hobby Lobby. They have some really cute shadowboxes!)

Mementos from birth- See the list below for some good ideas! 

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! | gracefulmommy.com

Baby Items I Included

Going home outfit

Baby’s hospital bracelet

Photo from hospital

Newborn hat

Baby blanket


Footprints- I scanned Gracie’s footprints to reduce the size of them to fit!

Shower invitation

Ultrasound photo

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! | gracefulmommy.com

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! | gracefulmommy.com

Other Items to Include 



Birth Announcement

Hospital bassinet card

Newborn diaper

How To Layer Items

It was really tricky to fit everything I wanted inside the shadowbox. Make two piles of your baby mementos. One pile of things you must include and one pile of maybe items. Start with the big items first- like the going home outfit and the baby blanket. The shadowbox I got was not a very deep one, so it was tricky getting everything in. I cut the blanket into a square so it would fit. And it took a couple of tries to fold the newborn outfit just perfect to fit. Play around with it until you get it right. Start putting the items down and rearrange them until the shadowbox looks good. Once you like the way it looks, start pinning stuff down! Remember, you can always rearrange stuff!

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! | gracefulmommy.com

I love this project because Gracie’s beautiful keepsakes from her birth are now beautifully displayed. And yes… I get a little teary eyed every time I look at it! *Special thanks to my mom-in-law (Grandma!) for her help with the project!*


What did you do with all of your newborn’s mementos?