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Month Seven Favorites

Favorite baby products for month 7! Great list + ideas | gracefulmommy.com

Favorite baby products for month 7! Great list + ideas | gracefulmommy.com


1-Home Sweet Home Book// Gracie is obsessed with books. Especially books with flaps. This book is amazing because the flaps are super sturdy so she doesn’t rip them off. Gracie can read this book over and over and over. The flaps are easy for her to open and close and the pictures are fun for her to look at. She actually learned how to point while reading this book. It’s so cute to see her point to the different animals. We definitely recommend getting this book! Like, now.

2-Straw Sippy Cup// On one of my fun baby apps, it mentioned to start introducing sippy cups and straws this month. I didn’t really realize Gracie could do that yet, but sure enough… she loves it! She figured out the straw the first time it was in her mouth. That was pretty cool to watch. I give Gracie a few sips of water while I feed her solids. This is not the actual cup we have, but I’ve looked every where online for the cute bunny one we have, and I can’t find it! I got ours at Target!

3-Odd Balls// These are also from Target. It is a pack of four balls that are odd shaped and have odd textures. I randomly picked these up but I didn’t expect Gracie to have so much fun with them! She loves rolling them around and attempting to crawl to get them when they roll away. The different textures are fun for her to feel and taste.

4-Snugamonkey// Ah….. I love this thing. Lately my husband and I have been referring to it as the “miracle monkey”. When Gracie seems to be getting tired, we will lay her down with this monkey and she will occasionally fall asleep playing with it. If you’ve been reading the blog, or know anything about Gracie, you know that she is pretty tricky to get asleep. Well… this comfy little stuffed animal may be the secret!! It does not work every time, but I’ll take the few random times that it does work. What is awesome about this toy is that it makes her fall asleep in the car! It’s happened more than 4 times so I’m thinking its not a fluke? When I was a baby/little kid, I had a stuffed animal monkey that I brought everywhere. I was obsessed. So my mom and dad bought this for Gracie so she could have her own monkey. AWWW so cute.

5-Aden + Anais Dream Blanket// This blanket really is dreamy. It’s super soft (just like their swaddles) but way thicker and comfier. Lately, I have been laying this blanket down everywhere. Mostly on the ground so Gracie can practice crawling and rolling. But, we’ve taken this blanket to the beach and outside many times for Gracie to play. It folds up to fit small enough in my diaper bag, but it’s thick enough to be comfy. Also, I love the cute design it has on it!

Favorite baby products for month 7! Great list + ideas | gracefulmommy.com

Month Six Favorites

Favorite baby products for month 6! Great list + ideas | gracefulmommy.com

Gracie has been in our lives for 7 months now. Oh my gosh! Seriously, what did we do without her? She brings so much joy to our lives, it’s crazy. Anyways, last month I shared our 5 month favorites. And these are our must haves for the 6th month.
Favorite baby products for month 6! Great list + ideas | gracefulmommy.com

1-Sit to Stand// This has been such a fun toy for Gracie and I to play with (yes- fun for me too LOL!). I seriously memorized all the songs + phrases in a day. Gracie does not seem to get sick of it. I’m also convinced this toy has helped Gracie to sit up on her own. She used this to balance herself as she sits. I also love it because it’s not a toy that will only be used for a short time. This toy will be useful when Gracie starts walking, too!

2-Baby Brezza// Ah, I love this thing. It’s a baby food maker that steams the food + then blends it all in one step. I’m working on a separate blog post to show how it works in more detail. But yeah, basically it has been a lifesaver for making Gracie’s food. I’ve been making all of her food in here. I know you can make baby food by just steaming on the stove, but this is way more fun. I love it because I don’t have to be constantly watching the food and stirring it and checking on it. I cut up the food, throw it in the machine, and then listen for the beep that tells me it’s done. It’s awesome.

3-Animal book// I’ve been reading to Gracie since she was a newborn. She has always loved books. But now, she is even more engaged when I read to her. She stares at the pictures and even tries to flip the pages. I love this animal book because the pages have awesome photographs of animals. They really stand out against the solid colored backgrounds. It’s just a simple book with a picture of an animal and the name of the animal, but for some reason Gracie LOVES it. It’s the perfect size for her to hold, and the cover seems tasty (according to Gracie).

4-Shopping Cart Cover// Now that Gracie is sitting up, she can hang out with mommy in the shopping cart! I love having a cover, not only because it helps keep Gracie away from the nasty germs on the cart, but more so because it’s more comfy for her. She still needs a little extra padding and support in the cart, and this cover is perfect for that! We’ve also used this in restaurants to cover the high chair. Another cool thing is that you can clip toys on it. There’s also a little pouch to keep toys in or her pacifier.

5-Nose Frida// Okay, yes this thing is kind of disgusting. You literally suck the snot out of your baby’s nose. But it’s actually the best baby invention ever. In the hospital after having a baby, they give you this bulb thingy that is supposed to get boogies out- except it doesn’t. It doesn’t work. The Nose Frida works every single time. In this last month, Gracie got her first cold :(. So sad. She was all stuffed up. Luckily, we had the Nose Frida. It’s not actually that gross because there’s a long tube so you don’t actually get snot in your mouth, but it also comes with a filter so you really don’t get snot in your mouth. Just stop thinking about what your actually doing, and just buy one.

6-Munchin Mesh Feeders// I talked a little bit about my love for these in my teething post. These are so fun for Gracie. She loves when I put frozen foods inside, but we’ve also done regular banana slices and she loves that, too! I love that it teachers her to feed herself (in a way) without the risk of choking. It’s also been great for when her bottom teeth were cutting through. I put a little breastmilk ice cube in one of these, and she was content for so long just sucking on it. They are kind of difficult to clean, so I recommend rinsing them out immediately after using them.

What are your favorites for the sixth month?

Favorite baby products for month 6! Great list + ideas | gracefulmommy.com

Read our month five favorites here.

Our Favorite Baby Toys: 0-4 months

Best Baby Toys: 0-4 month guide | Gracefulmommy.com

Best Baby Toys: 0-4 month guide | Gracefulmommy.com

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We have a lot of baby toys! It’s good to have lots of toys for Gracie to play with, but I find that we keep coming back to the same few. These toys are the best baby toys for Gracie because they make her laugh, smile, and coo the most. She is happiest when she has one of these six toys. I know her tastes may change as she gets older, but for that past four months- these have remained her faves!

1//Sophie the Giraffe

This teether toy is all over instagram and pinterest and is named #1 toy by lots of people! It really is awesome. Gracie is not really teething yet, but she still loves this giraffe. It’s just the right size for her to hold. She loves licking and biting at the different parts. And it makes a cute squeak that always makes her smile. It also comes with super cute picture books. Buy it here!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com

2//Spots and Dots book 

I want Gracie to be a lover of books. She likes looking at books, but they don’t really make her smile or laugh… until I bought this one. Oh my- this has quickly become one of her favorite toys. I make sure I always have it with me. There are no words in this book- which I find to be kind of weird.. but Gracie totally digs it! We end up making our own words up anyways. Each page has different patterns on it that totally intrigue her. I got mine on amazon. The five star ratings convinced me.

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com

3//Chew Beads bracelet

We didn’t give this toy to Gracie until she was a little older. She loves chewing and licking it! It’s made out of a silicone rubber material, but doesn’t have any sort of weird rubber smell. Plus, it’s easy for Gracie to hold. She loves this! Grandma got her this at a children’s boutique, but you  can get it here.

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com

4//Infantino link and jingle 

Gracie has loved this toy since she was born! It makes a great rattle noise that isn’t obnoxious. This is one of the first toys she smiled and laughed at. It’s a little big to bite on, but Gracie likes shaking it and looking at it. It’s also easy to clip on her stroller or carseat when she needs a little entertaining on the go. I think we got this as a gift, but it’s on amazon too!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com

5//Baby Einstein radio

This toy has amazing reviews on amazon, and now I know why! Gracie absolutely loves this. It plays really nice music that we have not gotten tired of yet. This radio can calm Gracie down in a second when she is starting to get a bit fussy. We bring it to her doctors appointments, the mall, and especially the car. One time, I played this radio for Gracie on a two hour car ride and it helped her from having a complete melt down. This toy rocks!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com

6//Infantino zebra 

This toy makes Gracie really laugh. She loves the nice jingle it makes. It almost sounds like a wind chime- and I actually really enjoy this toy as much as Gracie (haha!). We call it Zoey the Zebra- Auntie Kaity came up with the name. Zoey velcros, too, so we sometimes put it on Gracie’s carseat. I also love the black and white spots on the rattle. It reminds me of Gracie’s spots and dots book. Buy this toy here!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com
And sometimes, we just play with a couple toys at once! Notice how 3 of her favorites are in this picture! She’s so happy!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months | gracefulmommy.com

What are your baby’s favorite toys?