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Father’s Day Questions

Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY!

Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY!

Today is Father’s Day! And it’s a very special fathers day because it’s Dave’s FIRST one as a dad! So to celebrate today, Gracie’s daddy will be guest posting and answering some dad questions! All these answers are his :). They definitely made me laugh + smile.

Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY!

How did it feel to hold your daughter for the FIRST time? 

Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY!

I was freaking out! I didn’t hit me at first, but it was amazing. Also, I was worried about Kari. And the doctors were nervous that I would faint and topple over.

What is your favorite part of being a dad? 

Just seeing Gracie grow up and grow close to Kari and I. She may seem shy but Gracie’s personality really shines when it’s just us three playing on the ground in our house!

How have you changed since becoming a dad? 

Everything has changed. It’s all about family.

What has been your funniest DAD moment?

One night I took out an little owl toy and Gracie started crying in LAUGHTER. We kept playing for an hour.

What is the easiest part of being a dad?

Having Kari. She’s a super trooper of a mom!!

What are you excited for in the future?

Too many to list, like Gracie taking her first steps, going to school, being able to speak to us in English 🙂 But secretly I want to go to the movie theaters when Gracie is around 3 or 4 to watch a cartoon or Disney/Pixar movie.  And I can’t wait to ride bikes and have her sit in that bicycle trailer thing behind me.

Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY! Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY!

Thank you Dave for being the best DADDY to Gracie. I absolutely melt every time I see you two together. The bond you have is adorable + unbreakable! And thanks for being the man behind most of Gracie’s photoshoots lol!!! We love you!

Father's Day Guest Post by DADDY!