Second Trimester Favorites

My Second Trimester Favorite Items

My Second Trimester Favorite Items

I am 25 weeks pregnant! I still have a few weeks left of my second trimester, but I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you!

Here is a list of the items featured in my video!

+ Mama Java – Decaf Coffee

This company makes all sorts of coffee for moms! While I am definitely still drinking coffee this pregnancy, I try to limit my caffeine. This decaf coffee tastes so GOOD. I love having a cup in the afternoon or even at night. A warm drink at night really helps! I can’t wait to try their other flavors when baby is born!

+ Ready to Pop Champagne

How CUTE is this?!? Champagne for pregnant women! We actually haven’t cracked this open yet, because we are still deciding on baby’s name. Once we finalize + pick the name, we’re going to celebrate with our Ready To Pop Champagne! This is also perfect for baby showers or when you just feel like having a fun drink!

+The Bump Story

This story is SO much fun to read to Gracie. She knows my belly is getting bigger + knows there is a baby inside. So I love reading this to her before bed so she really starts to know what’s happening here. It’s an adorable book!

+Aqua Carpatica Water

Ah…. I’m constantly thirsty this pregnancy. And water is SO important for a growing baby. This water is naturally nitrate + sodium free. It has natural electorates, a PH of 8.2, and an awesome taste! I also have the sparkling water and it really helps when I have heartburn.

+Bump Boxes

I recently did a review of these boxes, here. A Bump Box makes for an awesome pregnancy gift or just a way to treat yourself for growing a human! It comes with tons of goodies inside, ones I use everyday.

+Rainbow Baby Shirt

Most of you know that Gracie + this baby are both Rainbow babies! That means we got pregnant after having miscarriages. A rainbow baby is truly a miracle + deserves to be celebrated! I love this Rainbow baby shirt from Curly Q’s Counter!

+Bella B Foot Cream

Gracie is SOOO active and keeps me on my feet nearly all day! At the end of the day, my feet and calves ache so bad. I love this cooling foot cream. It works like a charm.

+The Bump Pregnancy Journal

Documenting my pregnancy has been fun and easy with this adorable bump book!