This post is sponsored by The Container Store, but all opinions are mine :).

YAY! It’s finally summertime! And with that, comes tons of travel. We love to travel all year, but traveling in the Summer just feels right. I have to admit, I haven’t always been the best packer. I used to pack last minute which usually meant my clothes just got shoved into my bag and then I would constantly add stuff to the suitcase making it completely full to the point of having to sit on it to close it. Another horrible habit I had was at the end of the vacation, I would just throw my dirty clothes into my bag so when I got home, everything in my suitcase was dirty. It made coming home from vacation way not fun because I ended up doing more laundry than I needed to. Anyways, I started researching some fun packing hacks and tips and I landed right on The Container Store.


The Container Store is one of my favorite stores. They have everything you need for organizing and storage. But did you know they also have a whole TRAVEL section!? And guess what?! The Container Store’s Make Space for Summer Sale is happening now – (but ends this Sunday, June 30th!). A lot of their items are 25% off , especially items from the travel accessories and travel bags line! 

Here are a few of my favorite items from The Container Store and they are all 25% off! 

1// This set of 6 packing cubes actually makes packing fun and easy. 

Seriously, how CUTE are these packing cubes??! Using these for our recent trip was SO fun. I will never not pack with these. Having the cubes labeled seems silly, but it was honestly so helpful. It made me plan out my outfits better by making sure I had enough shirts and pants for the whole trip. 

I love that the set comes with a charger bag. We have forgotten our chargers SO. MANY. TIMES. But now, we’ll always have them safe in their place. 

I also love how this set comes with a shoe organizer! It’s so much better to keep the shoes enclosed so they don’t get everything in your suitcase all grimy!

2// Make sure you have good luggage

The ultimate packing hack is to make sure you have a great suitcase. My favorite is the Eagle Creek 4-Wheeled luggage (PS: it’s 25% off until Sunday!). This luggage is so lightweight and incredibly easy to move around. It also is expandable, has the 4-wheel spinners, and the interior makes it easy to keep your things organized! 

3// Put the heavy things near the bottom

It might seem obvious, but a great packing tip is to keep the heavy items on the bottom of the suitcase. This way, when you’re navigating your way through the airport, the bag is easy to maneuver. 

4// Take a bag for laundry!

In the packing cube set I mentioned above, it has a laundry bag – which is a lifesaver! Now, I have the perfect place to put our dirty clothes on vacation and it makes the unpack job so much easier! 

5// Less is more 

Are you an over-packer? A great packing hack is simply to just pack less. I always lay out my items before packing them and pull out things I know I won’t wear.  I always leave room in my suitcase for a souvenir 🙂 

Don’t forget!! There are tons of travel items currently 25% off at The Container Store until Sunday, June 30th! Click here to shop the sale