Naughty and Nice Baby Products

Naughty and nice list of baby products! Great advice! At

Naughty and nice list of baby products! Great advice! At

I’ve been a mommy for 5 and a half months. During this time, I’ve tried tons of baby products. I’ve bought some myself and received some as gifts. I quickly realized there are some items that I absolutely love + then there are those that I can’t stand! Here is my 2015 naughty + nice list:


Honest Company hand sanitizer spray // Ah- this stuff is amazing! I don’t really know why I love it so much. I think spraying hand sanitizer is just more fun than squirting it? Who knows. But we’ve been through so many bottles of this. It was perfect when Gracie was a newborn because it’s easy to pass around to everyone before they held her! I love keeping a bottle in my diaper bag, too.

Dreft // This baby detergent smells delicious. It also is supposed to be sensitive for babies and not cause any irritation. It seems to work for Gracie! Plus it actually helps me not totally hate laundry.

White noise machine // This machine really comes in handy! It is a clip-on, portable white noise maker. We use it for every nap and every night. I really think it helps Gracie sleep better. It has 4 different sounds. I like the ocean sound the most- it’s so relaxing! Plus this thing is only 10$.

Halo sleep sack swaddles // These have been a lifesaver! Gracie is 5 months old and still loves to be swaddled. I still swaddle her for naps and at night. Although, I think it may be time to transition out of these. Darn. Seriously though… when Gracie is tired, I swaddle her in this and she instantly falls asleep. Ok, maybe not instantly, but it takes less than 5 minutes.

Aden + Anais swaddles // I don’t actually use these for swaddling, but I use them for everything else. I always have one in my diaper bag. I just counted how many I own…15. We have 15 of these. Wow. This swaddle makes a perfect nursing cover. It’s also the best blanket for Gracie. It’s not too hot and it is super soft. I also them as burp cloths, a car seat cover, and even a tummy time blanket.

Tommee Tippee pacifiers // This has been Gracie’s favorite pacifier. She loves them! I like them better than the soothie ones because they aren’t as big. They don’t cover her nose like other pacifiers. They also stay in better and she doesn’t get as frustrated with them.


Huggies diapers // The worst. Ugh. These diapers leak the most and have had the most poop explosions (and i’ve tried many different kinds). They do not fit Gracie right. And I hate the green color of them. YUCK.

Honest Company soothing bottom wash // I love everything Honest Company- except this. I bought this at Target one day, then I looked up the reviews on Amazon. Horrible reviews. People said that this spray burned their baby’s butt! I immediately returned it.

Desitin // This diaper rash cream smells horrible. I literally almost threw up when I used it. The worst part is- I could still smell it on my hands after washing them 4 times. Instead- I use Honest Company Healing Balm.

Boppy pillow // This pillow seems like a good idea, but it’s kind of unnecessary. I thought I would love it for nursing Gracie, but it’s way easier to grab any other pillow around. Plus, the Boppy pillow is too low to really work while breastfeeding.

Nursing infinity scarf // I got this as a nursing cover for when I breastfeed Gracie in public. I think it’s adorable and so cute, but Gracie hates it… so it’s on the naughty list. It’s too hot and doesn’t give her enough space to eat.

Pajamas with snaps // Why are these even allowed to be made? Just buy the ones with zippers. I officially hate anything with snaps.

What would you add to the naughty or nice list? I would love to hear what products you’ve been loving (+ maybe not loving so much).

2 thoughts on “Naughty and Nice Baby Products

  1. Veronica Pridmore says:

    I am curious to see how the white noise would work with Brielle being 7 months already!
    Ps I’m not a fan of the huggies either!
    Brielle LOVES tags on toys so I bought her a tag blanket that has a ton of different tags around it with different designs and textures. So she chews on those since she’s teething!
    Teething tablets are also amazing!
    Loved seeing these reviews! 🙂

    • Graceful Mommy says:

      Too bad we don’t like HUGGIES! Because they always have cute Disney designs on them! Gracie LOVES tags too! I need to find that tag toy your talking about. Thanks Veronica!

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