Month Five Favorites

Favorite baby products for month 5! Great list + ideas |

Gracie is officially 6 months old! We have used a lot of baby products and played with a lot of baby toys. Here’s what we used in month five!

Favorite baby products for month 5! Great list + ideas |

1-Bumbo Seat// We love this seat! Gracie wasn’t really ready for it until she turned 5 months old. It’s the perfect chair for feeding Gracie her new solid foods! It’s also perfect for helping her sit up. I have been using this chair almost every day during month 5, and now Gracie can sit up on her own. I don’t know for sure if it was due to the Bumbo seat, but I’m sure it helped her a little!

2-Honest Diaper Rash Cream// Ah, this stuff totally beats Desitin (in my opinion!). It is made with safe, organic ingredients like sunflower and jojoba oil. I like it because it doesn’t smell horrendous like Desitin does. It also works great! Since starting solids, Gracie gets a diaper rash more frequently. This stuff helps a ton though + clears it right up!

3-Nuby Teether Ring// Gracie loves this teether! It has different beads and bugs all around to chew on. Gracie looks at it for a while, then chooses the bug to chew on. It’s so cute! She can play with this thing for so long without getting bored. It’s easy for her to hold and she can chew on it without getting frustrated. It has been a lifesaver during this teething period.

4-Aden + Anais Security Blanket// In month 5, we changed a lot of Gracie’s sleeping habits. The main thing is that we stopped swaddling her. She loved to be swaddled and it helped her fall asleep super fast. But, she stated rolling over and wanting her arms free, so we stopped using them. It seems like Gracie likes to hold on to things to fall asleep, so we started using this lovey. She loves it! She rubs it and holds it while she sleeps (it’s adorable). I read somewhere that if I sleep with it for a few nights my smell will get on it and it may help Gracie fall asleep even better. I want to try this, but it’s going to be weird sleeping with a stuffed animal (LOL!). Whatever works, right???

5-Jumparoo// This has been one of our favorites this month (obviously, because it’s on the list). But seriously, we love it! We first tried this when Gracie was 4 months, but she was not ready for it yet. During the 5th month though, she got the hang of it. She bounces so much with a huge smile on her face. It has the option to play music, too (which Gracie loves). I also think this is helping her legs get stronger!

6-Mermaid Towel// I love hooded towels. I think Gracie looks so cute wrapped up with a little hood on! I got so many hooded towels from my baby shower, but they are all TINY. I didn’t really realize that she would grow out of her baby towels so fast. That’s why I love this mermaid towel! It’s huge! It’s also the cutest thing ever! Can they make this in mommy size?

Favorite baby products for month 5! Great list + ideas |