How to Make a Stop Motion Video

How to make stop motion videos!

A guide to making those amazing stop motion videos! Awesome post!

I’m obsessed with stop motion videos. You may have seen one or two of them on my instagram. They are so fun to make, instantly engage people, and help sell your brand! Making stop motion videos is tricky at first, but once you learn a few tips and tricks- they become a bit easier! In this post, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite stop motion videos and I’ll share a few tips with you on how to make one of your own!

I’m currently working on an e-course that will go WAYYY in depth on making these fun videos. If you want to sign up to be on the Stop-Motion e-course VIP list, click the button below. Until my course goes live, you can keep reading to learn a few of the steps I’ll be teaching in my course!


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What is a stop motion video?

Basically, stop motion videos are a series of PHOTOS that combine to make an awesome video. In these types of vids, the objects look like they are moving on their own- making them extremely fun + engaging to watch.


Here are a few of my favorite stop motion videos I have made with some of favorite brands.


So many huge brands use stop motion videos on their instagram accounts. These videos are the perfect way to sell a product, but in a fun + fast way. Let’s face it, some people don’t want to watch a minute long video. These short stop motion videos are like MICRO ADVERTISEMENTS. People love them. And people remember them. If your a brand- you need to be using stop motion videos. And if your not a brand… well, you need to learn how to make these FOR brands. Some of my favorite brands that use stop motion videos are: Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, and Chobani! Once you start learning about stop motion videos, you will see them EVERY.WHERE.


To make your own stop motion, you only need a few things. A tripod, a camera, and a remote. A stop motion video, is actually not really a video. It’s a series of photos of something moving. When you take all of those photos and put them together- you make a movie!

The reason for the remote + tripod is because to make a great stop motion video- you CANNOT TOUCH THE CAMERA. This really separates your videos + will make them WAY more professional.


Set up your tripod. Make sure your remote is connected to your camera (tip*- lots of cameras now have an APP on your phone the you can use as a remote!). And find an awesome spot to shoot the video. In my E-Course (coming soon!), I will walk you step by step how to set up for your stop motion video. I’ll show you the best settings on your camera, to setting up the remote, and how to choose a good spot for your video. If you want to be on  my VIP waitlist for my Stop Motion E-Course, click the button below to sign up. I will go into a LOT more detail than this post.



So remember, your not shooting a video, your actually just taking LOTSSSSS of photos. Before you start taking a photo, think about your video. You might even want to sketch it out. I like to think of a theme before I start. I also think of the exact movements I will make. You want to know where your objects are going. Think about how you want your video to start and end. And try to come up with one thing that will really make your video POP! In my Stop Motion E-Course, I will share some of my insider tips on coming up with a great theme. I will also teach you some great ways to make your objects move! Sign up to be on the VIP waitlist to be the first to know when the course is live!

To do the stop motion video, you have to move your objects or outfit one tiny movement at a time. So take a photo, move your objects, take another photo, move your objects, take another photo, move your objects. OVER. AND OVER. The more photos you take, the better your video will be. You learn to get really fast at this (if you planned out your movie ahead of time). I’ll show you EXACTLY how I do this in my E-Course!

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This tends to be the step that stresses most people out. But, really it’s SO easy once you just learn how to do it once. First, you need to import all the photos you took into a video editing program on  your computer. You can use Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Wondershare Filmora, or any other program. Load all the photos into the program IN ORDER. Then, change the duration of all clips to be super short. I’m talking like 1/10 of a second. Sometimes, you’ll need to play with this number depending on your video, and how many photos you take. Once you shorten the clips, you can add music if you want. Then export your movie!

If you are more of a visual learner, you’re in luck. I’m sharing a complete video of how I edit my stop motion videos from START TO FINISH in my Stop Motion E-Course. I’ll walk you through some of the problems you may run into, as well as teach you how to export your video to your phone. I’ll also be sharing some advanced tips like adding your logo to the end and adding effects. If this sounds like something you would love, make sure to sign up for the VIP waitlist to be the first to know when the course goes live! You’ll also get the course for an exclusive members-only price!


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