How to make your teeth shine with Gleem!

How to make your teeth shine with GLEEM

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GLEEM. All opinions are 100% mine.

Headline: How to make your teeth shine with GLEEM

So with all of this going on… I’m finding myself with a LOT more free time at home. It’s overwhelming at first to find things to do at home all day (especially with 2 kids who love to be out and about), but because I know it’s necessary – I am embracing this time. One way to embrace the extra time spent at home is to practice a bit more self-care!

One way I’m choosing to add more self-care into my daily routine is with the amazing new GLEEM products! Watch out, because after this quarantine is over my teeth are going to be so shiny and white!

So, let me tell you about the GLEEM products!

Most rechargeable toothbrushes are expensive and HUGE eye-sores in the bathroom. You know I’m all about the aesthetics, so I LOVE the sleek, timeless design of GLEEM’s toothbrush! Not to mention it’s an awesome price!

The GLEEM rechargeable Electric toothbrush is designed to make your smile shine. I love that it has two brushing modes – the Classic Clean and the GLEEM Clean for when you need a little extra power. The toothbrush is actually surprisingly quiet, too!

My teeth really do feel super shiny after brushing with GLEEM.

Another GLEEM product I’m SOOO happy with is the GLEEM one week professional teeth whitening kit with the LED light! With this light kit + the booster strips, you will see results in just 3 days and pro-level whitening in just 7 days!

You apply the strips once a day for 60 minutes (we all have an extra 60 minutes these days, right?) and then you just add the GLEEM LED light for the last 5 minutes of treatment. I actually really look forward to those last 5 minutes. The light is SO fun to use and I know it’s specifically targeting the yellow stains! My teeth look SOO white after using this.

I haven’t felt any sort of sensitivity, which is great!

You really need to try the GLEEM products, especially the rechargeable toothbrush and the Whitening Kit! You can find these online at Walmart .