Holiday Gifts for New Moms

Holiday gifts for new moms- great ideas!

Holiday gifts for new moms - Great ideas!

Can you believe it’s Christmas time- yay! My favorite time of the year! Christmas is a lot more than presents, but they sure do make the season fun. These are some of my favorite gifts for new moms. I have actually received a couple of these as gifts after having Gracie and they really are the greatest.

All of these cute mommy gifts can be found on Etsy. I just love Etsy + supporting small shops!

Mama Bear Shirt // How cute is this!? It looks so comfy, and I love the cursive font. I would totally rock this tee!

Mom bar necklace // My in-laws (+sissy in law) got me this beautiful necklace from WoobieBeans Etsy shop. It is stunning. I love this subtle way to show off my new motherhood! On two sides of mine it says mommy and on the other two it says Gracie. Too cute!

Silicone teething necklace // This is such a cute necklace that also doubles as a teether. I have one similar to this and it’s so fun to wear! Plus Gracie loves chewing on it. A new mama would love this gift.

Baby book calendar // Ah- I love this gift! My hubby got this for me after having Gracie. It’s such an easy way to keep track of anything Gracie related. And-the design is so cute! Blog post coming soon on how I use this!

Personalized baby pillow // I first saw this on one of my favorite instagrammer’s account. This is such a fun way to remember those important stats from baby’s birth. The design is fun + perfect for the rocking chair in the nursery!

Fun coffee mug // How awesome is this mug. Seriously, as a mom, nap time is hustle time. Once baby is asleep it’s time to eat, fold that enormous pile of laundry, catch up on news, or finally have that cup of coffee you’ve been thinking about.

holiday gifts for new moms- Great ideas!

What was your favorite gift you received as a new mama?

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