Holiday Gift Guide 2017 || FOR BABY

Holiday Gift Guide For Baby 2017 - Great list of items perfect for Baby's First Year

We have been busy getting ready for baby #2 – who happens to be due Christmas Day! So this is kind of a combo Baby Registry + Christmas List for baby! These are some of our favorite items + must haves for baby’s first year. A Holiday Gift Guide for Baby:

Holiday Gift Guide For Baby 2017 - Great list of items perfect for Baby's First Year

1+ Dockatot // I did not have a Dockatot when Gracie was a baby, but I cannot wait to try one this time around! I’ve only heard great things about this product!

2+ Newton Mattress // We are so excited about this mattress for Donovan! It’s a mattress that allows air to flow freely through it, as the middle is made of 90% free air! You can actually WASH it, too!

3+ Hatch Baby // We LOVE the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine. It hooks up to an app on your phone so you can easily adjust sound and lighting right from your phone. The lights can change colors + you can set timers! White noise is a must for baby’s first year – and this is the best sound machine out there! Read my review here.

4+ Zooby Car Monitor // This baby monitor rocks! The camera is actually inside the stuffed animal. It hooks on the headrest of the car so that you can see baby in the car without turning around. You just look at the screen on your dashboard that it comes with! Genius! + way better than those car mirrors. Plus, you can bring it inside or when you travel!

5+ Delta Crib // We love this classic white crib from Delta. We just got ours + still have to build it, but the reviews are awesome!

6+ Pacifier clip // We love the Loved By Sophia Claire’s leather braided pacifier clips. Perfect for keeping baby’s pacifier close by + off the ground. These are so great to stock up on!

7+ Smart Noggin Toys // I just found out about these amazing toys and they are a MUST-HAVE for baby’s first year. Each of their toys encourages baby’s early milestones (even from birth!) and guides parents through activities that promote healthy brain development!

8+ Baby Bullet // This thing is genius! You can make + store fresh and healthy food for baby so quickly! I loved making Gracie’s food + I can’t wait to make Donovan’s food when he’s big enough!

9+ Como Tomo Bottles // I plan on breastfeeding baby #2, but it’s always great to have bottles on hand. We plan on stocking up on these Como Tomo bottles because they prevent colic + mimic breastfeeding!

10+ Cresent Womb // This baby hammock looks awesome! I plan on getting one for the new baby. It supposedly reduces factors associated with SIDS + creates a safe sleep environment.

Holiday Gift Guide For Baby 2017 - Great list of items perfect for Baby's First Year

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