Happy New Year!

Today is New Year’s Eve! I just cannot get over how fast this year went. It literally flew. Our Christmas was amazing, and actually this whole year was great. We have a lot to be thankful for and we are extremely blessed.

2017 New Years Resolutions! Great printable! 2017 New Years Resolutions! Great printable!

I always like to take time at the end of the year to reflect on the past year and evaluate how things are going. I’ve always been a big goal setter! I set goals every month. But I also do goals for the year, too! I think it’s so fun to look back on the year and see how much things have grown and changed.

2017 New Years Resolutions! Great printable!

Here were my LAST YEAR’s resolutions.

A place I want to visit// New York 

*Yes!!! We went to new york a few weeks ago and it was amazing!

I’m going to work harder at// Taking evening walks with the family

*Eh, still gotta do this more. I take walks daily with Gracie, but not so much with the whole fam.

A habit I’m going to break// Playing on my phone before bed (I’m the worst at this!!)

*Oh gosh. I’m the worst. I literally play on my phone for like 30 minutes to an hour at night.

A project I will finish// Organizing Gracie’s outgrown clothes (may shed a tear while doing this)

*Definitely checked this one off multiple times. As of right now, everything is organized and old clothes are donated!

Something new I want to learn// Photography + videography!

*WOW! I can’t believe this was my goal last year. I literally spend the whole year learning photography and videography, and now actually make a living out of it. Goals are POWERFUL, people.

I will save money by not// Wasting food (I always forget to eat leftovers…)

*I can honestly say I have gotten better!

A food I want to eat more of// Green smoothies!

* I think I have like one a month. So …. that’s some improvement.

I want to wear more// Earrings (LOL! for real though!)

*I still don’t wear earrings.

And now my resolutions for this year!

2017 New Years Resolutions! Great printable!

2017 New Years Resolutions! Great printable!

To download the free printable, just click here or on the photo below. Take some time to fill out your 2017 resolutions and hang it some place where you look every day.

2017 New Years Resolutions! Great printable!