Yay! It’s Friday – which means it’s time for another gift guide! Today’s guide is all about gifts for the minimalist. Gift Guide for The Minimalist


1// A bottle of wine is a great gift for that minimalist in your life. It’s something that can be enjoyed + doesn’t sit around the house collecting dust. 

2// This label maker is SO simple + easy to use. It’s the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life – they will go organizing crazy! 

3// Because minimalists like to keep their homes full with only the essentials, it’s a great idea to gift an experience. Tickets to a concert or stand-up comedy are great gift ideas! 

4// This modern Aura frame is the smartest WiFi digital photo frame out there! It actually connects with an app + you can choose what photos you want displayed on the frame! You can even wave your hand in front of it when you want to change photos! 

5// You can never go wrong gifting a simple notebook

6// This book is perfect for the minimalist in your life! 

7// These stainless steel straws are not only minimal, but so earth-saving! 

8// You can’t go wrong gifting a plant 🙂

I hope this gift guide helps you in your search for the best gift for the minimalist in your life! 

Stay tuned for a new gift guide next week!