Fall Bucket List

Ah, Fall is here! In South Florida, it definitely doesn’t feel like it is here. But it is October now, so in my mind fall has started. Hopefully it will start cooling off a bit! I can’t wait to do so many fall festivities with Gracie and the family. I’ve never been into fall activities until I had Gracie. Now I feel like I want to do everything! I want to see her experience all these fun things. And everything changes now after having a kid. Instead of seeing things through your eyes, you start to see things how your child is experiencing it. It’s awesome.

So since it is October… I made a little bucket list of all the fun Fall activities we’re going to try to do with Gracie!  Our fall bucket list:

Fall Bucket List! I love how simple this list is- I can't wait to do all of these things with Gracie! We love fall!!!

What is your favorite Fall activity?

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