Christmas time baby bucket list

Baby's First Christmas! A great bucket list on everything to get done on this special year!

Bucket List: Baby's first Christmas. FREE PRINTABLE! |

There is something so cozy and warm about traditions. Growing up, my family always did certain things every year. As a kid, you rely on these traditions and you look forward to them each year. Traditions are comforting. Some of my best memories come from times when we did certain traditions. Each year, we went to this giant christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. We also always made christmas cookies (the same recipes). My Auntie Shar would read the same christmas book each year to my cousin Rachel and I while we sipped hot chocolate with marshmallows. Ah… memories!

Gracie is already 5 months old and we’ve started doing some activities with her that we know will slowly become traditions that we do every year. This year, we took her to a pumpkin patch, went trick-or-treating, and watched the Macy’s Day Parade together. I want to make sure Gracie’s first Christmas is full of new and old traditions. Some of these activities are things that my parents did with me as a kid. Some of them are brand new – but I would love to start doing them each year.

This bucket list is full of fun ideas for Christmas time! We’re going to try to do all of them! I’m sure we won’t end up doing all of these things each year, but I know some of these activities will become traditions.

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FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Bucket list |

Bucket List: Baby’s First Christmas

Drive around to look at Christmas Lights // This is so fun! We actually have this drive through light show near us that we want to take Gracie to! 

Take a photo with Santa // I can’t wait to see the look on Gracie’s face when she sees santa! Bringing the professional camera FOR SURE. 

Get new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve // This is one of those traditions that we did growing up. We always got jammies to wear for christmas eve. Every year- even still!!! 

Decorate a gingerbread house // I never did this one growing up- but it’s something I want to start with Gracie! 

Decorate the tree // DUH! We gotta do this! I bet babies think Christmas lights are like the coolest thing ever. 

Go to Disney World to see the decorations + lights // Were actually going in 11 days! Stay tuned for lots of pics. 

Make an ornament // We are going to make a few this year since it’s Gracie’s first Christmas! 

Watch Christmas movies // This needs to happen all month. (Actually, I’ve sort of cheated and started watching Christmas movies like November 1st) 

Drink hot chocolate // Yum! Plus this always reminds me of my Auntie Shar. 

Send out Christmas Cards // Gotta get these done, ASAP! 

Play Christmas music // What is it about Christmas music that just instantly makes you happy? My current fav is Pentatonix christmas album. 

Read Christmas books // I actually have a whole box of Christmas books in the attic that my husband Dave needs to get down! 

Tell Gracie the true meaning of Christmas // All of the lights, presents, and decorations are nothing compared to the amazing story of the birth of Jesus. This is the time to celebrate our King’s birthday + to appreciate all He has done and will do. 

FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Bucket list |

I know Gracie is only 5 months old…and can’t really do any of this (haha!!!). But, I want to start these traditions on her first Christmas, because I know it sets the stage for many years to come. Plus- these are things that I like to do each year anyways! Like I said… I am a fan of traditions.

Download the free printable here!

FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Bucket list |

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  1. Colleen K says:

    I love the idea of this!! My daughter is a little older this year, it will be her 2nd Christmas, and I cannot wait to share it with her!! I have such wonderful memories growing up from Christmas, sharing it with our little ones os the best gift of all!


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