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Disney World with a Baby

Disney World with a Baby- Tips and Tricks at

People have mixed reactions about bringing a baby to Disney World. The thing I heard the most was that “she won’t remember it”. But- isn’t that what pictures are for? hehe! Also, it was surprisingly easy with our 5 month old, Gracie. I actually think the toddler age may be more difficult. We had tons of fun with our baby there! I can’t wait to bring her again!

Here are a few of my tips + tricks for bringing a baby to Disney. This is what helped us!

Buy outfits ahead of time. We spent a couple of weeks finding cute Disney outfits for Gracie. We found some great ones at TJ Maxx, Bealls, Burlington Coat Factory, and even ordered a few from the Disney Store when they had a sale. This saves you tons of money because the cute outfits in the park are pretty pricey!

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!
Find the Baby Care Centers. Oh my- these will be your best friend. Every park has a baby care center and they are amazing. Most of them have a few different rooms- a nursing room, changing room, feeding room, and even a play room for older babies. I nursed Gracie in here many times!  The baby care center in Magic Kingdom actually had comfy recliners to nurse in- the other centers had rocking chairs! It was nice to get in the air conditioned, dark room for a while.

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Good nursing spots. For times when I didn’t feel like walking to the baby center, I found other great nursing spots. It was sort of hot when we went, so I didn’t want to feed Gracie on one of the benches outside (Gracie gets really sweaty). Instead I fed her on the bus, on a ride, on the train, in a gift shop, or in a fitting room.

Bring sunscreen. We went to Disney in December- and it was still HOT. So always pack sunscreen even if you think you won’t need it!

Bring your own stroller. We brought our Britax to Disney. I recommend you bring your own stroller because your baby is probably used to yours. Also, the ones to rent do not look that comfy. Gracie took all of her naps in her stroller. I don’t know if she would have slept in the rental one.

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Pack a diaper backpack. Instead of a diaper bag, bring a backpack. It was so much easier to have a backpack because when we waited in line, we could wear it on our backs instead of carrying it on our shoulder. It’s just more comfy + easy.

Pack essentials. In our diaper backpack, we had a few things that really came in handy. First, a ziplock bag. One day, Gracie pooped all over her clothes. It was easy to just throw it in the ziplock bag and put her change of clothes on. Which reminds me. Pack a change of clothes for the park. Also- bring pacifier wipes. Disney is full of germs, so we wiped down Gracie’s pacifier and stroller many times! Oh, and don’t forget hand sanitizer!!

Take baby on rides. Babies are allowed on rides that have no height requirement. It’s surprisingly more rides than I thought. Our favorite rides with Gracie were Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, Finding Nemo, and It’s a Small World.

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Do other things, too! Don’t assume that rides are the only fun parts of Disney World! There are so many other things to enjoy in the parks. We took Gracie to meet a lot of Characters. There are also plenty of shows, too! Also, Disney Springs is a fun place to walk around and shop.

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Request a crib. Don’t worry about bringing your own pack + play if you are staying at a Disney resort. They will deliver a fold up crib to your room! They even bring Disney sheets.

Know your transportation. There are plenty of ways to get to the Disney parks! You can always drive, but when you stay at a Disney hotel, you can take the bus, ferry, and sometimes the monorail. It helps to know the stroller rules for each transportation method. If you are taking a Disney bus, the stroller MUST be folded up. However, you can keep baby in the stroller on the ferries and the monorail! This is helpful when baby is sleeping!

Purchase Disney PhotoPass. This is so worth it! When you buy the PhotoPass package, you get all photos taken by the Disney photographers. There are so many in the parks. It made it way easier to get group shots and the classic shots in front of the castle. You also get all photos taken on rides and at character meet and greets. I loved having this for Gracie’s first time at Disney. The photos are priceless. Okay not priceless, but only $149 if you buy it 3 days in advanced. If you wait until your trip starts, it is $169. If you don’t have the PhotoPass, one photo printed in a 4×6 will cost $14.95! Whoa.

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

Plan out your days with the My Disney Experience app. This app really comes in handy when you have a baby! You can plan out all of your FastPasses for each day. We never rode a ride if we didn’t have FastPass. It’s just too hard to wait in line with a baby! But, you can also see the wait times for each ride. Also, on the app you can make dining reservations! You can also find the Baby Care centers on the maps. And, you can view and download all of your PhotoPass photos. This made the trip easy because we knew what we were doing each day.

Be flexible + go with the flow. While it was really helpful to plan out our days with the Disney App, it also helps to just be flexible. Gracie ended up sleeping in each day until like 10 or 11, so we had to move some of our reservations and FastPasses around. Sometimes you have to just go with the flow. We also ended up skipping a few things because Gracie was sleeping. That’s okay too! Most important part is keeping baby happy + having fun!

Tips and tricks for bringing a baby to Disney!

 I hope these tips and tricks help you with your little one in Disney!

Gracie’s First Disney World Trip

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Baby's first trip to Disney World. Great tips and ideas on what to do with a baby at Disney.

We’re home from the most magical place ever- Disney World! We had so much fun with Gracie. We’ve been to Disney World plenty of times, but this time was different because we were seeing it though the eyes of our 5 month old princess, Gracie. We went with Gracie’s grandparents (Dave’s parents) and aunty Kaity (Dave’s sister)! We all stayed in a two bedroom villa in Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. It was an awesome resort- we loved it.

Here’s a recap of our amazing trip!


Gracie’s first bus ride. She loved the Disney buses! It was fun holding her while she looked out the window.

Gracie's first disney world trip!


Hollywood Studios. This is such a fun park! We didn’t ride much, but we walked around and ate at the 50’s primetime diner!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Gracie’s first show! We went to the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. It was surprisingly funny + Gracie liked it! She loved the songs because Aunty Kaity played them for her for a while before the trip!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Very Merry Christmas Party. We went over to Magic Kingdom for the party! Gracie got into her Christmas outfit. The party was fun! They offer free cookies and hot chocolate to everyone. The ride lines are like 5 minutes long. There are special parades and fireworks. And it snows on Main Street! So cute!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Gracie's first disney world trip!


Meeting the Talking Mickey. There is a Mickey that talks in Magic Kingdom. It’s cool- his eyes blink and he actually says stuff to you. This was Gracie’s first character to meet, so we were curious to see if she’d like it. She did!! I thought for sure she would cry- because she cries at most strangers haha. But she did good!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Crystal Palace Restaurant. We ate at this buffet for dinner. Gracie got to meet all the Winnie the Pooh characters! She loved them all- even though it looks like she isn’t quite sure about piglet.

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Tinker Bell. I think Tinker Bell was one of Gracie’s favorites. She smiled the most for her over any other character. Tinker bell was so sweet to Gracie!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Meeting Cinderella. Later that night, we changed Gracie into her Cinderella dress (ordered from the Disney Store). We made a fastpass for Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom where Gracie met Cinderella and Rapunzel. Gracie could not take her eyes off of Cinderella. She just stared at her. It was the CUTEST thing in the world! She did the same thing to Repunzel! Both Cinderella and Repunzel melted over Gracie. It was soooo cute. I need to frame these pictures!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Look how cute Gracie is holding onto Cinderella’s finger. And that’s Repunzel in the background! AW!!!!


Matching Tees. We acted like major tourists and wore matching t-shirts that we made in Disney Springs. Even Gracie had a little tee on (then later pooped on it!). But it was cute while it lasted. We also met Mickey + Minnie again in Epcot!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Garden Grill Restaurant. YUMMMMMY. This place rocks. First of all, it spins around while you’re eating. You get great scenery of the Living with the Land ride which is like a jungle theme. Also, it’s character dining so Gracie got to meet Pluto and Chip + Dale!

Gracie's first disney world trip!


Gracie’s outfit! This is by far my favorite outfit of the trip. Gracie dressed up like Minnie Mouse in her personalized outfit from the Disney Store . She looked so cute.

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Tusker House. We ate at another character dining restaurant (in Animal Kingdom) where Gracie met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald + Daisy duck. It’s so funny when the characters come around. She just kinda stares at them haha!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

Festival of the Lion King. We got front row seats to the Lion King show in Animal Kingdom. It was awesome being so close! Gracie wasn’t too sure if she liked this show, but hey- she didn’t cry!

Gracie's first disney world trip!

So there’s a recap of the trip! Gracie did awesome for only being 5 months old. She only cried a few times. Her least favorite part was Turtle Talk in Epcot. For some reason she HATED this. I had to leave to calm her down HAHA! Other than that she was truly a princess. We had the time of our lives!! We took a million more pictures, but these are my favorite moments! Thank you to Grandma + Grandpa Ogg for a trip of a lifetime!

More Disney posts are coming!

Disney Packing List

Ultimate baby packing list for disney world! ||

Ultimate baby packing list for disney world! ||

We are leaving for Disney World today! I am so excited to bring Gracie to Disney for the first time. We live in Florida and we have annual passes, so we go a lot! Usually, I don’t think twice about what I pack. But, with a 5 month old baby (with TONS of stuff), I had to put a lot more thought into packing than usual. I did some research and came up with a good packing list for Disney! We are going for 5 days and it is going to be highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. Hope this list helps!

PACKING TIP: Pack each outfit in a ziplock bag with matching bow, socks, and shoes! Perfect for a baby girl! ||
PACKING TIP: Pack each outfit in a ziplock bag with matching bow, socks, and shoes! Perfect for a baby girl with tons of accessories.

Download the free printable packing list here.

Packing List


8 Diapers a day


Dirty diaper bags



Baby Lotion


Honest Company Healing Balm


Sheets for pack and play

White noise machine

Aden + anais blankets

”Special” blanket/toy


2 outfits each day






Baby tylenol

Gas drops

Teething tablets


Vitamin D drops









Stroller fan

Car seat

Ergo carrier

Solly wrap

Bumbo seat (for the hotel- Gracie loves hanging in this!)

FOOD *Gracie is breastfed, but this list may help others!*


Baby food

Sippy cups

Disposable bibs


Diaper bags (big + small one)

Disposable changing pad covers

Pacifier clip


Pacifier wipes

Autograph book



Disney Packing List for Baby ||

Disney Packing List for Baby ||

Disney Packing List for Baby ||

Is anyone else exhausted after looking through this list? Remember this is only Gracie’s list. I still need to pack for my husband and I! WHOA.

To download the free checklist printable packing list, click here! And stay tuned for a million Disney World pictures!

Baby packing list for Disney World! Excellent List! ||

Also- check out my disney nails! So festive!

Disney Packing List for Baby ||