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Playdate Party with Brawny!

Thank you Brawny® Tear-A-Square® for sponsoring this post. Think of all the ways you can Put a Square There!

Playdate Party with Brawny!

My favorite way to break up the long summer days is by hosting playdates at the house! It’s so fun to surprise Donovan and Gracie by telling them they’re having a friend party! They love it! Plus, I love it because I get to catch up with all of my mom friends. It’s a win-win. Days like these always go by super fast for me. I guess it’s true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun! 

Playdate Party with Brawny!

When inviting the kids’ friends over for a playdate party, I always like to have a snack for them! We also like to do a craft.For this party we did donuts, pizza, and a craft. One thing I love to have for our play-date parties is the new Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels. These brand new paper towels are genius- especially if you have kids! The new Brawny® Tear-A-Square® now has quarter sheet sizes so you can use just what you need! So when the kids have something pretty messy, you can use the full sheet or half sheet. And when they have something that makes just a little mess, a quarter sheet is the perfect solution! 

Playdate Party with Brawny!

This is such a game-changer for us because now our paper towels will last so much longer! There are so many uses for the quarter sheet including: 

+cleaning up a small mess

+to hold a popsicle 

+the perfect size for a small snack 

+to use in place of a coaster 

+for a child to dry their hands on 

+cleaning fridge spills 

+cleaning a messy kid’s face 

Playdate Party with Brawny!

The Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels are literally perfect if you have kids because you can easily just tear a little quarter off for most things. And then when you do have a bigger mess to clean, you can use the full sheet.

Playdate Party with Brawny!

The kids had so much fun coming over for our impromptu playdate party! We ate pizza and donuts and did crafts… and I didn’t have any of the guilt about wasting all of the paper towels that normally happens with get-togethers! 

Playdate Party with Brawny!
Playdate Party with Brawny!

Also, did I mention how durable these are? They are definitely not the flimsy kind of paper towel. They are super absorbent and work really well for all sorts of uses including big clean-up jobs. Definitely check out the new Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels! Let me know how you like them!


Gift guide for entrepreneurs!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years now + it’s a super fun role to be in! Not all bosses work from home, but many of them do! These are some of my favorite gifts for those bosses in your life (or future CEOS!) 

1// Girl Boss book is such an inspiring read! 

2// This CEO tank is the perfect work uniform for that entrepreneur in your life. 

3// Not every boss has a podcast, but I’m sure it’s a goal to start one! Why not give them the first tool they need: a microphone

4// You can actually set the temp of this mug so it keeps your coffee hot all day! 

5// These glasses help block the blue light that comes from smartphones and computers! I’ve even heard they reduce headaches! 

6// You can’t go wrong with a simple notebook

7// This laptop sleeve protects their work while traveling! 

8// An entrepreneur can never have too many chargers! 


Chances are, you already have a Pinterest account. Maybe you occasionally pop on there when you’re looking for a last-minute dinner recipe or a DIY baby shower gift. While Pinterest can be a perfect place for these random pins + inspiration, it can be SO MUCH MORE when you are a blogger, influencer, or business owner.


Pinterest has consistently brought over 100k views to my personal blog and it continues to be my #1 source of traffic! Once you start looking at Pinterest as a search engine, and not just a random place to get craft ideas, you can start harnessing it’s power to grow your biz!

We’re going to share our favorite tips for skyrocketing your traffic from Pinterest! Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


By turning your Pinterest into a business account, you unlock all of the analytic features! This means you can see which pins are doing the best + which need some TLC!


After converting your account to a business account, you need to clean up your page. If you already have boards, go through them and make sure they apply to your business. You don’t need to keep any boards called “Aunt Julie’s 50th” or anything super specific like this.

We recommend starting out with 10 boards.

Your boards should be related to your niche. For example, if you sell baby headbands, having a board about baby toys may not totally be in your “niche” but that board will attract your ideal customer (a mom with young kids).

One of your boards should be dedicated to YOUR PRODUCTS. Name this board something simple, like your biz name.

Note: Don’t go crazy with weird board names like “YUM”. Instead, call it Baby Food. Keywords are SO important on Pinterest.


We go by the rule of 70% // 30% . Start out by pinning 70% of other people’s content + 30% of your own. In order to get your account seen, you have to pin high-quality content that will get re-pinned. Once Pinterest sees that you are pinning good quality pins, you can start to pin more of your own products.


One of the secrets to Pinterest is group boards! A group board is a board that has multiple Pinterest users on it. All the members of the board are allowed to pin content to that board. This really expands the reach of a pin. Some group boards have thousands of followers + if you pin to that board you’re getting tons of views to your content/product.

The hard part is you have to be invited to group boards (or start your own). To be invited to one, you have to email the creator of the board and ask if they can add you. It’s super tedious, but I recommend spending some time each week emailing group board owners. To find the board owner, you look at the contributors and click on the FIRST PROFILE PIC. Either read the rules of the group board OR you can message that owner.


We have been building up our group boards for 3 years + are in some of the best ones in the Small Shop world. One of the perks of having The Graceful Company manage your Pinterest is that you get access to our group boards through our account! 


It’s super important to always be pinning your content from your website, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else your products are. However, it’s equally as important to be creating custom VERTICAL graphics designed JUST for Pinterest.

We do this by using PicMonkey, Canva or even Instagram stories. The ideal aspect ratio for a Vertical Pin is 2:3 – 600px wide x 900px high. Square images also tend to do great on Pinterest, as well! While super long pins used to preform really well, Pinterest has stated that pins longer than 1260px will get cut off on the Pinterest feed.

The words you put on the graphic also are extremely important. It MUST entice the reader to click in. After all, that IS the point of pinterest – driving traffic to your site or product. So make the heading clickable, searchable, intriguing, and maybe a little secretive. Here are some great examples: The 5 secrets of selling on Shopify, The baby product you desperately need, or anything HOW-TO. 

Here are a few of our top performing pins on pinterest.


Pinterest is such an important tool you need to start using to grow your business! Millions + millions of users go on Pinterest to purchase items + if your brand is not there, you are missing out on tons of traffic + sales. 

If you are a DIY sort of biz owner, these tips + strategies will help you get a jumpstart on Pinterest. If you are wondering where the heck you’ll get the time to be pinning everyday, making graphics, pinning to group boards, optimizing your pins, using keywords, and more, we’d love to help you out! 

To inquire about our Pinterest Management Service, email my agency here: . We’d love to take you to the next level!