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Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy journey: document your growing belly in a fun way |

Pregnancy journey: document your growing belly in a fun way |

Looking back through all of my pregnancy update photos, it seems as though my pregnancy flew by. I remember, though, that some weeks seemed to take foreverrrrr. I loved having a way to document my growing belly and my pregnancy journey. It was fun to get that striped dress out each week (okay, yes… I forgot a few weeks) and stand in front of the same wall while my husband snapped the photo. I must admit.. by the end of the 39th week, I was so DONE with that dress. I actually threw it out as soon as Gracie came.

I would definitely recommend that you need to find a way to document your pregnancy! There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest now of creative ways to capture your growing belly. I chose to do a simple picture every so often and edit it on my phone. I used the app Aviary to edit the photos. They actually have a baby stickers that you can buy and it comes with everything you need. My husband took the photos with my iPhone. Then I edited each photo with fun stickers from this baby theme.pregnancy journey- how to edit bump photos ||

I love having these photos to look back on my pregnancy. One day, I will be able to show Gracie how she grew and grew inside of my belly!