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UPDATE: month 2

Two month baby update |

Two Months Old


22.5 inches (44%) and 11 lbs (35%)!


 We’ve fallen into more of a routine now. Gracie still likes to sleep then eat then play. She’s been taking great naps. We also took Gracie to Marco Island for vacation and she did great! She loves being outside and feeling the fresh air. She’s extra cuddly in the morning, so I always make sure to include some lovin’ in the morning. It’s so amazing to wake up to a baby! She instantly gets me in a great mood- NO COFFEE NEEDED! (Okay- I still kinda need coffee to wake up, but she makes me happy instantly).


Gracie is doing pretty good with sleep! She goes to bed when we do which is around 10 or 11. But she takes great naps- and a lot of them! She pretty much falls asleep every 1.5 hours. Her naps seem to be getting longer- usually 1.5-2 hours. After she plays for a little, she will let you know that she is done. She gets pretty fussy when she is tired. But if you catch it quickly, she is easy to put down for a nap. I still like to rock her or bounce her to sleep. It’s the best feeling ever to have her fall asleep in my arms. I LOVE it!

Two months


Breastfeeding is going much better! Gracie still eats every 2 hours. She seems to be eating a little quicker now. She is growing and is happiest when she is eating. She still wakes up a few times at night to eat, but I don’t mind! It’s actually a very peaceful time.

Two months


Gracie actually fits into some of her newborn clothes still. She mostly wears size 0-3 clothes now though. She is wearing newborn diapers but also sometimes size 1 diapers!


Gracie smiles a lot now! And she actually started doing some giggles! BEST SOUND EVER. Her head is getting much stronger. She sort of likes tummy time now. And she likes looking at faces!

How I feel

I feel pretty much back to normal! I think I have lost all of the pregnancy weight, although I haven’t weighed myself yet. Things seem to be fitting good! I think it’s from all of the breastfeeding because I haven’t really done any yoga! I am the happiest I’ve ever been! Being a mom is more than I ever imagined. I’m tired all the time- but I don’t even care! Gracie is so cute, fun, cuddly, and MINE! I still can’t believe she is mine!

I can’t believe she is two months already!

Two month baby update |


REVIEW: mamaRoo

One mom's review of the mamaroo |

One mom's review of the mamaroo |

What is a mamaRoo?

The mamaRoo is a bouncer by 4 moms that has tons of settings that mimics the way a parent holds her baby.

What is different? 

There are many bouncer seats out there, but this one really is different. It has 5 different motion settings- car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave. Each setting moves the mamaRoo in a different way. You can control the settings from an app on your phone. The seat reclines in different ways so you can have the seat more straight up or more laid back, depending on what your baby prefers.

One mom's review of the mamaroo | One mom's review of the mamaroo |

The Good? 

The movement. Gracie loves the different settings, and they really do help to soothe her. Her favorite one? Rock-a-bye! For each motion, you can also change the speed. This was extremely helpful in the first couple of weeks because the motion helped Gracie to sleep. I also love how it attaches to the wall. You don’t have to worry about batteries! You can buy the newborn insert for it and it makes it way more comfy for a teeny new baby. The mamaRoo also has sound options too! It’s also just plain cute looking!

The mamaRoo was actually the first place we put Gracie when we brought her home from the hospital. We wanted to make sure that our dog could greet her in a safe spot. Gracie loved it!

The Bad? 

The mamaRoo is kind of expensive compared to other bouncers. It is $269 and the newborn insert is $29. WORTH IT though! It’s also a little bulky to try to move around the house. When Gracie was a newborn, we would move it from our room to the living room. It’s not that heavy, but it is hard to move around because of it’s size. Oh and we never use the app… it seemed cool at first,  but not really practical.

Best for? 

The mamaRoo is great for newborns and babies up to 25 pounds. It is also best for babies that can’t sit up yet on their own. We used it most when Gracie was first born and needed a calm place to nap.

One mom's review of the mamaroo |


We got ours from Buy Buy Baby. They are also at Babies R Us or sold directly from 4 moms .


I love the mamaRoo and so does Gracie! It has always been a great place to set Gracie down when I need to cook or clean or just relax for a minute. She loves looking at the black and white mobile while sitting in it.

One mom's review of the mamaroo |

My vote? 

Must have!

6 baby apps you need

6 baby apps you need |

6 baby apps you need |

I use my iPhone for everything! So it’s no surprise that when I had Gracie I went right to the app store to get apps to help me stay organized. I downloaded a lot, but only loved 6 of them. These apps honestly kept me sane during the first few weeks. I know I will be using most of them for the first year of Gracie’s life!

I will explain each app in detail going from left to right, top to bottom.

Baby Tracker

I used this app mainly in the hospital and the first week at home. Basically it allows you to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, and more. I love it because it helps me remember the last time I fed Gracie and on what side. Another cool feature is you can add your baby’s weight and height and it tell you their percentiles. Kinda cool!

What to Expect

This one is the classic baby app! It provides tons of articles and tips on babies. I loved reading through the different articles while I was feeding Gracie. My favorite feature is the “This Month” tab. It explains what your baby should be doing each month. I always read ahead to see what I should expect for next month.

Sound Sleeper 

This is the best white noise app! I always heard there were different types of white noise, but I didn’t realize how many until I got this app. There are ones that are best for newborns, infants, toddlers, and even parents! Gracie loves the Shhhh sound and the ocean one, too. Only downside is that the sound only stays on for 30 minutes unless you upgrade.

Baby Sparks

This app is $4.99 but is SO worth it! If you ever are wondering what activities to do with your baby, you NEED this app! It gives you 11 activities to do each day that are age appropriate. It includes activities for different categories like gross motor, fine motor, speech, social, etc. I love it! I found myself doing the same few games with Gracie… until I got this app. It’s a lot of fun, and you know your helping your baby learn and grow.

The Bump

Another classic app! I love to read the weekly updates to see if Gracie is staying on track. This app also has a lot of articles that are way more fun to read than a whole book. I’ve learned a lot just browsing through the app.

Wonder Weeks

This app is based on the book, but is only $1.99. The idea is that all babies go through developmental leaps. After a leap, they learn new skills. However, leaps also make babies sorta fussy and irritable. This app lets you know when your baby is going to be in a “sunny” time or a “stormy” time. It has been extremely helpful. When Gracie is acting a little extra fussy- I look on the app and sure enough it is a stormy week. It makes me feel better that she is just going through a lot of changes and it is not something that I am doing.

I hope you find these apps as helpful as I do! What baby apps do you use?