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Gift guide for entrepreneurs!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years now + it’s a super fun role to be in! Not all bosses work from home, but many of them do! These are some of my favorite gifts for those bosses in your life (or future CEOS!) 

1// Girl Boss book is such an inspiring read! 

2// This CEO tank is the perfect work uniform for that entrepreneur in your life. 

3// Not every boss has a podcast, but I’m sure it’s a goal to start one! Why not give them the first tool they need: a microphone

4// You can actually set the temp of this mug so it keeps your coffee hot all day! 

5// These glasses help block the blue light that comes from smartphones and computers! I’ve even heard they reduce headaches! 

6// You can’t go wrong with a simple notebook

7// This laptop sleeve protects their work while traveling! 

8// An entrepreneur can never have too many chargers!