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I am very easily overwhelmed with clutter. Too much stuff around me can easily stress me out. Just as physical clutter can distract you, so can digital clutter. Our phones and computers hold so many things – and these things actually take up mental space!

However, just like we can clean up and organize our physical stuff, we can also do the same digitally! If you’re ready to simplify your digital life, let’s dive right in with some tips! 

Practical ways to declutter your digital life


Our inboxes can be overwhelming at times. As a business owner and an influencer, I receive tons of emails each day. My goal each day is to be at INBOX ZERO – that’s literally when your inbox is empty. When’s the last time that’s happened for you? It’s so relieving to get to inbox zero + takes so much stress off! But how do we get there? 

Practical ways to declutter your digital life

1 – Unsubscribe to the junk. Sure, it’ll take some time to scroll down to the bottom of the emails you don’t like + hit that unsubscribe button – but it’s so worth it. Take a little bit of time each day to do this. Eventually you won’t even have all the random emails coming in! 

2- Stop signing up for stuff. Gah, I’m so guilty of this. I enter my email into everything. But lately, I’ve stopped doing this so my inbox can stay minimal for a while. 

3- Delete as you read. As you check your emails, try to get into that habit of deleting as you read emails. Don’t just read it and move on. 

4- Empty your trash + spam. It just feels good. 


As the owner of The Graceful Company, a digital agency, I work on my phone + am constantly checking in on clients. When I have my notifications on, though, it’s insane. My phone is constantly lighting up – and it’s very distracting. My biggest tip is to just TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS. 


Go through your subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, dropbox and see if you can delete and unsubscribe from any. You might be surprised by the subscriptions you haven’t used in a while. 


Go through every app on your phone and ask yourself if you’ve used it in a while. Delete the ones that you haven’t touched. Remember, you can always re-install apps later, even the ones you’ve paid for. 

Another great tip for apps is to rearrange them! I recently organized my apps by rainbow color and honestly it’s amazing. It’s so easy to look at – I really will never go back! Other ways to organize are by folder or by favorites.

Practical ways to declutter your digital life Practical ways to declutter your digital life

Practical ways to declutter your digital life


As a product + brand photographer, I take a millllllllion photos. However, I often forget to go through the old photos and delete them off the memory card. It’s important to go through the memory card and remove any unneeded photos. Actually, what I like to do is totally remove all the photos + move them to my computer in the right folders. And I DO NOT keep everything. I cull through all of the photos and just choose the best of the best. 

Once you’ve done this, you can actually format your memory card! 

Now, you’re camera is all ready for new photos! 


Okay, speaking of photos. Organizing photos is so important for reducing that digital clutter. Our phones these days can hold THOUSANDS of photos. But what’s the point of it all if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

I’m first to admit I take too many photos. But I also am trying to narrow down my photos to the best ones of that moment or event. You don’t need to keep ALL the photos you take (yes, even of your kids). You wouldn’t put bad photos in a physical photo album. Holding on to those bad photos in your phone makes it a million times harder to find the high quality ones. 

So, take some time this week to go through your photos. If you took 15 of the same moment, try to choose 1 or 2 of those to save and delete the rest. Maybe choose 100 of your favorite to print out and make an album out of them. 


Practical ways to declutter your digital life

Documents, photos and files on the computer can easily get overwhelming + extremely cluttered. Here are some tasks to do to get it clutter-free again. 

  1. Organize your desktop – the desktop is designed to hold the documents and files that you use daily. Anything else can either be put in the trash or organized into folders in the documents section of the computer. 
  1. Delete old documents – You probably have a lot of documents on your comp that you don’t need anymore! Go through those + see if you can trash anything. Anything you do need, make sure to put it in a folder that is easily accessible and searchable. 
  1. Update the software. This is one of those things that I’ll know I have to do, but I procrastinate forever to do it. This week, check to see if your computer software is up to date – if it’s not, do it! Your computer will be running way smoother!


It’s important to also simplify your social media! One of my biggest tips for reducing clutter on social media is to simply unfollow the people that are not interesting, make you feel bad, or post too much (LOL!). It’s okay to unfollow people. Now, when you scroll through instagram or facebook, you will feel a little less bogged down + a little more inspired. 

Speaking of facebook, feel free to leave any facebook group that doesn’t apply to you. Those tend to get out of hand every now and then. 

I would love to hear your best tips for simplifying your digital life! 


It’s MEDIA MONDAY! This is my new blog series where I share social media tips + tricks each week. Today’s topic is all about the best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers + business owners! There are SO many tools out there that help make tasks easier, but finding the right ones can be super time consuming. I use all of these apps and tools on a weekly basis + wanted to share them with you to hopefully make your life a bit easier! 



Schedugram – This website + app allows you to schedule out your instagram posts. You can work ahead, visually see what your feed will look like, and caption out future posts. The amazing thing about this tool is that it POSTS FOR YOU! So you can set up your content and let it do the work for you! It starts at $20 a month, and then the price goes up depending on how many followers you have. Totally worth it, though! 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!

Planoly – This app is similar to Schedugram, yet the mobile version is a little bit better (in my opinion). Planoly has a free version, so it’s a great option if you just want to try it! 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!


Camera – While I usually use my SonyA6000 to take the photos for my blog and instagram, I recently have been using my iPhone camera for shots, too! It’s always with me + with the right light, produces some really great photos!

VSCO – I use this app DAILY for editing my photos. I use the filter S2 and apply it to any photo I will be posting on my instagram. I find that using a filter on your photos gives your feed a super cohesive look that really draws people in! 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!

Facetune – This app gets a lot of controversy, because you can really change the way you look with it. I use it for the PATCH tool. When I take a photo and there is something clearly out of place or distracting (like an outlet on the wall), sometimes I’ll remove it with the patch tool. 

Unfold  – This app is great for editing Instagram stories! You can make fun layouts, combine photos + videos, and really make your IG stories stand out. 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!

Little Nugget – My FAVORITE app for editing baby milestone photos! This app has amazing doodles + graphics for when your baby sits up for the first time, gets a tooth, starts walking, ETC. I did my whole pregnancy  + am documenting Donovan’s first year with this app!

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!

Parabo Press – After editing photos with the above apps, I love to get them printed with Parabo Press. Printed out photos make great decorations around the home + do really great in IG photos! 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!


Slack – If you’re lucky enough to work with a team, Slack is a must-have tool for you! You can communicate with team members via their messaging system. It makes communication so organized and easy! 


Docusign – When you start working with big brands, you’ll have to sign contracts often! Docusign is a tool that makes this process SO much easier! 


Airtable – Okay, this is like one of my secret weapons for organization! It’s like Excel on STEROIDS. I organize EVERYTHING for our business, The Graceful Company on here. And I also keep track of all of my collaborations, payments, posting schedules, due dates, blog post ideas, etc. Basically anything you need to organize – Airtable is where it’s at! 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!

Timer – I use the timer app on my phone constantly. When working on new blogs, I’ll set a timer for 30 minutes on my phone + focus only on that task during that time. 


Google Analytics – this is a MUST-HAVE if you have a blog. You can track how many visitors come to your site, what posts they are reading, and how long they stay on each page, etc. Plus, when you start working with brands, they will ask to see this information. 

Pinterest – As a blogger and influencer, you have to be on pinterest! This is such a great tool for driving traffic to your site or your feed. Read this post to help up your pinterest game! 


Podcast – In order to be constantly growing as an influencer or blogger, you have to be willing to learn new things. My favorite way to learn the latest trends is by listening to podcasts! My favorite podcasts are On Purpose by Alex Beadon, Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher, + The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon. I listen to these before I go to bed, while I’m in the car, or during workouts! 

Best apps and tools for influencers, bloggers, and business owners!

I hope these apps and tools help you in your business! Are there any must-have tools that I didn’t mention? Would love to hear what you are using! 



Each Friday until Christmas I will be bringing you a curated collection of gifts for different people in your life! Today’s gift guide is for the busy mom. Like most moms, she’s always on the go, often multitasking. She usually has her hands full and loves any gift that can help her save time! 


1// This phone and watch stand keeps all her electronics in one handy spot. Plus, when she’s ready to go – everything will be charged! 

2// Every busy mom needs a solid planner to keep her life together. This one is my favorite. 

3// One of my favorite gifts for a busy mom is an audio book from Audible. An even better gift is to buy her a 3-month subscription! Hello, multitasking while you read! 

4// This bottle is perfect for keeping her coffee piping hot and helping her avoid re-heating her coffee five times a day. 

5// Wireless headphones are a must for a busy mom. These goodies make calls a million times easier and allow her to be hands-free! PS: snag both the audio book + the wireless headphones for a stellar gift combo. 

6// These snack bags are reusable which makes snacking on-the-go so much easier. But guess what? You can also throw these stasher bags in the microwave, oven, freezer and even the dishwasher! 

7// Treat the busy mom in your life to the perfect gift, a one-time delivery of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and simple, chef-created recipes from Hello Fresh.Use code GRACEFUL60 for 6 free meals! 

I hope this gift guide helps you in your search for the best gift for the busy mom in your life! Also hint: all moms are busy 😉 

Stay tuned for a new gift guide next week!