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Yay! It’s Friday – which means it’s time for another gift guide! Today’s guide is all about gifts for the minimalist. Gift Guide for The Minimalist


1// A bottle of wine is a great gift for that minimalist in your life. It’s something that can be enjoyed + doesn’t sit around the house collecting dust. 

2// This label maker is SO simple + easy to use. It’s the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life – they will go organizing crazy! 

3// Because minimalists like to keep their homes full with only the essentials, it’s a great idea to gift an experience. Tickets to a concert or stand-up comedy are great gift ideas! 

4// This modern Aura frame is the smartest WiFi digital photo frame out there! It actually connects with an app + you can choose what photos you want displayed on the frame! You can even wave your hand in front of it when you want to change photos! 

5// You can never go wrong gifting a simple notebook

6// This book is perfect for the minimalist in your life! 

7// These stainless steel straws are not only minimal, but so earth-saving! 

8// You can’t go wrong gifting a plant 🙂

I hope this gift guide helps you in your search for the best gift for the minimalist in your life! 

Stay tuned for a new gift guide next week!


I’m back with another post for Media Monday! I started this new series to share some tips + tricks for all things social media! Today’s topic is all about getting more engagement on instagram.

10 ways to get more engagement on instagram

1// Engage with new followers – One way to start getting more engagement is to interact and say hi to your new followers. Notice when people start following you and go check them out! Like a few of their photos and say hi!

2//Ask questions – A great habit to get into is to start asking questions! You can do this a few different ways.

1- Use questions in your caption to get followers to comment their answers! 

2- Ask questions on other accounts to stimulate conversation! 

3- When responding to comments on your on posts, instead of just saying “Thanks!”, try asking them a question back! Start conversations + show up for your people! 

3// Respond to comments – Speaking of showing up, make sure to respond to ALL comments left on your posts! Engage back to the people that took time out of their day to comment on your photos. I’m sure those people will want to comment again because they know they are being heard + they know you’re trying to build your community! 

4// Posts consistently to IG stories – Another great way to boost your engagement is to start posting consistently to your stories! Not only will you start showing up in the algorithm more, you will also start connecting with your followers on a deeper level! 

5// Stand out – Highly engaging instagram accounts all do one thing very good – they stand out from the crowd! It’s hard to get noticed now on instagram – there are SO many accounts, now! So, to get more engagement, try something new! Think about what makes you different + run with that! 

6// Focus on captions – Not only do your photos have to be worth engaging with, you also want to make sure your caption is something people actually want to respond to! 

7// Start or join a challenge – A great way to get people more engaged with your content is to start or join a challenge! There are always tons of fun challenges going around instagram, from fitness to organization to photography. Usually the challenge goes with a hashtag. If you participate in the challenge or even start your own, it’s a great way to be found by other people! 

8// Share a mix of different content – Try switching up your content! If you always just post photos, try posting a carousel post or even a video! 

9// Have a consistent look – When someone comes to your feed, are they wowed by what they see? Do they automatically follow you because they just don’t want to miss any of your content? That is a sign of a highly engaging instagram account! 

10// Collaborate with other influencers or shops – Another great way to boost your engagement is to collaborate with people! Whether you team up with another influencer or a shop, partnering up with someone is a great way to capture the attention of new people! 

Would love to hear what things you are doing to get more engagement on instagram! 


Yay! It’s Friday – which means it’s time for another gift guide! Today’s guide is all about gifts for the homebody. While I love going out, I’m definitely the girl that loves being at home. Here are some great ideas for the homebody: 


1// This popcorn bucket is the cutest accessory for those Netflix binges + cozy movie nights!

2// When you’re hanging at home, you have to have great water. Why not have a beautiful water filter while you’re at it!? This one is my favorite. 

3// This chunky knit throw is the best way to cozy up at home!  

4// If you haven’t heard about Hygge, this book is going to change your life. This book introduces you to the foundations of Danish life which include getting comfy, taking a break from social media, + the importance of candles. There are so many great pieces of advice in here – so great for a homebody! 

5// If you’re hanging at home, you need the best candles around you. My recent fav are these terra cotta candles by PF Candle Co! 

6// The new geode bath bombs from Latika are almost TOO gorgeous to use in the bath! But, trust me on this – you HAVE to gift these to someone. They are even more beautiful in person. 

7// Treat that homebody in your life to the greatest coffee maker ever! 

8// How cute is this sign!? Perfect for that someone that totally prefers staying at home. 

I hope this gift guide helps you in your search for the best gift for the homebody in your life! 

Stay tuned for a new gift guide next week!