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Cute and Easy Gift Idea!

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

It’s pretty rare to receive a gift in the mail these days. But when you do, it’s like the BEST DAY EVER. Recently I discovered a company called Greetabl. They make gift giving EASY + SO FUN. This post is sponsored by Greetabl but all photos + opinions are my own. I truly love this idea!

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

I met my friend Laura through Instagram about a year ago! We discovered that we actually live pretty close to each other and now are friends in real life! Find her at @bump.tobaby. Anyways, we decided to team up with Greetabl to send each other a little gift. It was so fun to receive this package in the mail. It truly would make anyone’s day brighter.

Greetabl is perfect for just saying hi, saying thanks, or as a birthday or holiday gift.

They come wrapped in the cutest cardboard box. Then when you open the box, another cute box is inside.

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

This part is totally customizable by the gift giver. I love the pattern Laura chose for mine!

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

Inside my Greetabl was a bath bomb (SMELLS AMAZING!), the sweetest note + three photos that I can tear off! When you make your own Greetabl you can chose what small gift will be inside.

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

I would highly recommend using Greetabl for the next time you want to send a card, but feel the need to send a bit something extra. This gift would totally make someones day! Plus, they are super easy to create + so much fun, you’ll be wanting to make tons.

Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl! Cute + Easy Gift Idea with Greetabl!

Thank you Laura for my sweet gift + being an awesome friend!


Second Trimester Favorites

My Second Trimester Favorite Items

My Second Trimester Favorite Items

I am 25 weeks pregnant! I still have a few weeks left of my second trimester, but I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you!

Here is a list of the items featured in my video!

+ Mama Java – Decaf Coffee

This company makes all sorts of coffee for moms! While I am definitely still drinking coffee this pregnancy, I try to limit my caffeine. This decaf coffee tastes so GOOD. I love having a cup in the afternoon or even at night. A warm drink at night really helps! I can’t wait to try their other flavors when baby is born!

+ Ready to Pop Champagne

How CUTE is this?!? Champagne for pregnant women! We actually haven’t cracked this open yet, because we are still deciding on baby’s name. Once we finalize + pick the name, we’re going to celebrate with our Ready To Pop Champagne! This is also perfect for baby showers or when you just feel like having a fun drink!

+The Bump Story

This story is SO much fun to read to Gracie. She knows my belly is getting bigger + knows there is a baby inside. So I love reading this to her before bed so she really starts to know what’s happening here. It’s an adorable book!

+Aqua Carpatica Water

Ah…. I’m constantly thirsty this pregnancy. And water is SO important for a growing baby. This water is naturally nitrate + sodium free. It has natural electorates, a PH of 8.2, and an awesome taste! I also have the sparkling water and it really helps when I have heartburn.

+Bump Boxes

I recently did a review of these boxes, here. A Bump Box makes for an awesome pregnancy gift or just a way to treat yourself for growing a human! It comes with tons of goodies inside, ones I use everyday.

+Rainbow Baby Shirt

Most of you know that Gracie + this baby are both Rainbow babies! That means we got pregnant after having miscarriages. A rainbow baby is truly a miracle + deserves to be celebrated! I love this Rainbow baby shirt from Curly Q’s Counter!

+Bella B Foot Cream

Gracie is SOOO active and keeps me on my feet nearly all day! At the end of the day, my feet and calves ache so bad. I love this cooling foot cream. It works like a charm.

+The Bump Pregnancy Journal

Documenting my pregnancy has been fun and easy with this adorable bump book!