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Month Seven Favorites

Favorite baby products for month 7! Great list + ideas |

Favorite baby products for month 7! Great list + ideas |


1-Home Sweet Home Book// Gracie is obsessed with books. Especially books with flaps. This book is amazing because the flaps are super sturdy so she doesn’t rip them off. Gracie can read this book over and over and over. The flaps are easy for her to open and close and the pictures are fun for her to look at. She actually learned how to point while reading this book. It’s so cute to see her point to the different animals. We definitely recommend getting this book! Like, now.

2-Straw Sippy Cup// On one of my fun baby apps, it mentioned to start introducing sippy cups and straws this month. I didn’t really realize Gracie could do that yet, but sure enough… she loves it! She figured out the straw the first time it was in her mouth. That was pretty cool to watch. I give Gracie a few sips of water while I feed her solids. This is not the actual cup we have, but I’ve looked every where online for the cute bunny one we have, and I can’t find it! I got ours at Target!

3-Odd Balls// These are also from Target. It is a pack of four balls that are odd shaped and have odd textures. I randomly picked these up but I didn’t expect Gracie to have so much fun with them! She loves rolling them around and attempting to crawl to get them when they roll away. The different textures are fun for her to feel and taste.

4-Snugamonkey// Ah….. I love this thing. Lately my husband and I have been referring to it as the “miracle monkey”. When Gracie seems to be getting tired, we will lay her down with this monkey and she will occasionally fall asleep playing with it. If you’ve been reading the blog, or know anything about Gracie, you know that she is pretty tricky to get asleep. Well… this comfy little stuffed animal may be the secret!! It does not work every time, but I’ll take the few random times that it does work. What is awesome about this toy is that it makes her fall asleep in the car! It’s happened more than 4 times so I’m thinking its not a fluke? When I was a baby/little kid, I had a stuffed animal monkey that I brought everywhere. I was obsessed. So my mom and dad bought this for Gracie so she could have her own monkey. AWWW so cute.

5-Aden + Anais Dream Blanket// This blanket really is dreamy. It’s super soft (just like their swaddles) but way thicker and comfier. Lately, I have been laying this blanket down everywhere. Mostly on the ground so Gracie can practice crawling and rolling. But, we’ve taken this blanket to the beach and outside many times for Gracie to play. It folds up to fit small enough in my diaper bag, but it’s thick enough to be comfy. Also, I love the cute design it has on it!

Favorite baby products for month 7! Great list + ideas |

UPDATE: Month 8

Gracie's 8 month update!

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!
Gracie is 8 months old today! Wow! Only 4 more months until she’s a one year old. That’s crazy. Scroll down to see the video update!


Not sure how tall she is or how much she weighs! Doctors visit is next month :). She weighs enough to make my arms sore from holding her haha!

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!


Our routine hasn’t changed too much from last month. Gracie has been waking up a little bit earlier. Most days she’s up by 8. I’m missing the days when she’d sleep until 9:30am, but it’s all good. I love taking Gracie on errands during the day. She really does love shopping (LOL- watch out dad!!!). She loves to look at the aisles and babble. So cute. I also have been loving taking her outside. Some days I’ll take her on a walk, throw a blanket down, and just play outside for a while. She loves being outside! I love how Gracie is so adaptable. If something changes in our routine, it does not usually throw her off. She kind of just goes with it. When we took her on vacation, she was super easy! I love that about her.

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!


Same story, here. Gracie still likes to wake up a couple times at night. Some nights are better than others. And just when I think she’s got it down, something changes and she doesn’t sleep good. Who knows! I’m doing the more laid back approach this month. Just going with the flow. 🙂 During the day, Gracie takes two naps. Sometimes she’ll surprise us and take a mini nap around 5. But usually she takes a short nap in the morning, about an hour and a half after waking up. Then she takes another nap around 2 ish. This nap is usually longer- like 2 hours. But, again, it’s never really the same each day. I’m loving her sleeping routine though. She’s very easy to put to sleep now. I don’t have to rock and bounce her all around.

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!


Gracie has definitely gotten better at eating this month! She’s loving food! I’m still nursing every 2-3 hours, in addition to about 2-3 “meals” a day of solids. It’s really not meals, but I do feed her something for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. I’m following the Kelly Mom advice for feeding solids. Kelly Mom is an awesome website that gives great advice for all things baby. She suggests feeding a maximum of 2 meals a day until baby is around 9 months. I’ve also started giving Gracie water in a cup with a straw while feeding her solids. She loves drinking with a straw. It’s adorable. But, I limit water to just a couple of sips while eating.

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!


Gracie is wearing size 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. A few 9 month outfits fit now! It kind of depends on the brand. She is wearing size 3 diapers. It’s crazy how fast babies grow. Sometimes when Gracie wakes up, I literally think she grew overnight. She wakes up and her clothes are tighter and shorter, it’s nuts. It’s seriously like a magic trick LOL!

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!


+Pushes up with her arms (not quite crawling yet!)

+Can spin around on her belly!

+Has tried a lot more foods: Pancakes, prunes, apricots, spinach, strawberries, and blueberries

+Points to stuff with one finger


+Loves mickey mouse clubhouse

Gracie's 8 month update! www.gracefulmommy.comGracie's 8 month update!

How I feel

I don’t know why I still include this category in the monthly updates. I’m so over-the-moon happy that it may be getting redundant to keep repeating? Oh well! I love being a mommy. I love seeing Dave as an incredible dad. My heart is so full that I think it may burst any second.

Gracie's 8 month update!

Thanks Gramma for the 8 month birthday cake! YUM!