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Sweet Moments

Sweet moments with Gracie at

My favorite quote of all time is “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Sweet moments with Gracie at

I think about this quote all the time. In the moment, the little things don’t seem all that important. It’s easy to overlook the tiny moments in life that at the time seem “small”. However, when I look back and think about my favorite moments, sure my wedding + the birth of Gracie is at the top of the list, but usually my list is full of the little things in life. As a new mom, it’s easy to get lost in the routine of everything. But it’s in that place, where the little, sweet moments exist.

Sweet moments with Gracie at

Taking Gracie outside and observing her watching the birds fly is one of those little moments I know I’ll look back on with a smile :).
Sweet moments with Gracie at

Be present. + pay attention to those little, sweet, moments.


UPDATE: Month 7

Gracie's 7 month update!

Gracie's 7 month update! Gracie's 7 month update! Gracie's 7 month update!

Today, Gracie is 7 months old. WHOA. It feels like I just posted the 6 month update. We’ve been having so much fun with our precious daughter. She’s seriously the best. I made a video of her 7 month update here:


Or, if you’d rather read all about what Gracie has been up to, go for it!


Gracie weighs around 17 pounds. And I’m not sure how tall she is.


Gracie's 7 month update!


Gracie's 7 month update!

Remember last month how I put Gracie on a strict schedule? Yeah… that lasted 3 days. It just didn’t mesh well with us. I like the flexibility of a routine rather than a schedule. I know it works amazing for some parents to have a time schedule with their babes, but Gracie did not respond very good. We do follow pretty much the same routine each day, which I think works really well. Gracie wakes up around 9:30 (YAY!). We usually do more calm activities in the morning like reading and playing with quiet toys while I drink much needed coffee. After about an hour and a half, Gracie gets tired for her first nap- which is usually like 45 minutes long. I shower + get ready for the day and maybe blog a little or clean. The rest of the day kind of just depends on what we have planned. But usually Gracie takes another nap around 2 ISH. Keyword ISH. She’s usually ready for bed around 7:30 but some nights its more like 10. We’re still working on that whole nighttime routine situation. 😀


Gracie's 7 month update!

Gracie has definitely gotten better at sleeping since last month. I think the probably last month was teething. Her bottom two teeth broke through, so she wasn’t sleeping all that great. Things have gotten better. She normally wakes up around 2 times at night. I nurse her and she falls right back asleep. She wakes up for the day around 8:30-9:30. Which I love. I’m glad she sleeps in a little bit for mommy. I used to have to bounce Gracie to sleep for every nap and bedtime. Now, I can lay next to Gracie and pat her back and she falls asleep. My arms are so happy! It usually takes her less than 5 minutes to fall asleep.


Gracie's 7 month update!

I’m still nursing Gracie about every 2-3 hours. It’s still going great. In addition, we’ve been slowly adding fruits and veggies. So far she’s tried lots of different foods: apples, bananas, peaches, green beans, peas, butternut squash, avocado, sweet potato, oatmeal, carrots, pears… I think that may be all. She pretty much loves everything, but you can tell when she REALLY loves something. Her favorites are bananas, peaches, and green beans. I started feeding her around twice a day. Usually a few bites for lunch, and a little bit for dinner. She’s not overly eager to eat solids, but she does like to taste a little bit. Sometimes, I offer her some and she doesn’t want any. We’ve been pretty laid back about the whole solids thing. She eats when she wants-but we don’t force anything if she turns away.


Gracie's 7 month update!

Gracie is wearing size 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. It kind of depends on the brand. She has been wearing size 3 diapers recently!


Gracie's 7 month update!

Gracie's 7 month update!

+Sits up on her own!

+2 bottom teeth

+Sits up in shopping cart

+Sits in high chair at restaurants

+Says dada (although doesn’t know that means DAD yet)

+Second trip to disney!

+Loves to jump!

How I feel

I’ve never been happier!!!

Happy 7 months Gracie! We love you!

Gracie's 7 month update!

Gracie's 7 month update!


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