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Disney Packing List

Ultimate baby packing list for disney world! ||

Ultimate baby packing list for disney world! ||

We are leaving for Disney World today! I am so excited to bring Gracie to Disney for the first time. We live in Florida and we have annual passes, so we go a lot! Usually, I don’t think twice about what I pack. But, with a 5 month old baby (with TONS of stuff), I had to put a lot more thought into packing than usual. I did some research and came up with a good packing list for Disney! We are going for 5 days and it is going to be highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. Hope this list helps!

PACKING TIP: Pack each outfit in a ziplock bag with matching bow, socks, and shoes! Perfect for a baby girl! ||
PACKING TIP: Pack each outfit in a ziplock bag with matching bow, socks, and shoes! Perfect for a baby girl with tons of accessories.

Download the free printable packing list here.

Packing List


8 Diapers a day


Dirty diaper bags



Baby Lotion


Honest Company Healing Balm


Sheets for pack and play

White noise machine

Aden + anais blankets

”Special” blanket/toy


2 outfits each day






Baby tylenol

Gas drops

Teething tablets


Vitamin D drops









Stroller fan

Car seat

Ergo carrier

Solly wrap

Bumbo seat (for the hotel- Gracie loves hanging in this!)

FOOD *Gracie is breastfed, but this list may help others!*


Baby food

Sippy cups

Disposable bibs


Diaper bags (big + small one)

Disposable changing pad covers

Pacifier clip


Pacifier wipes

Autograph book



Disney Packing List for Baby ||

Disney Packing List for Baby ||

Disney Packing List for Baby ||

Is anyone else exhausted after looking through this list? Remember this is only Gracie’s list. I still need to pack for my husband and I! WHOA.

To download the free checklist printable packing list, click here! And stay tuned for a million Disney World pictures!

Baby packing list for Disney World! Excellent List! ||

Also- check out my disney nails! So festive!

Disney Packing List for Baby ||

DIY Baby Handprint Ornament

handprint ornament tutorial ||

handprint ornament tutorial ||

Recently, I posted a bucket list for baby’s first Christmas. One of the activities on the list is to make a homemade ornament. This is such a fun way to create memories during Christmas time. Gracie is 5 months old, so I wanted a way to capture how little and cute her hand is right now.

Handprint Ornament Tutorial ||

When I taught first grade, I loved doing handprint crafts with my students. They turn out so adorable! I sort of went into this with the same expectation. It’s gonna be easy, right? Oh my- was I wrong!!!!

Here’s what happened. We got a plaster handprint kit from hobby lobby. Basically all you do is mix the white powder, paint, and water. Easy so far. Then, pour the plaster into the mold that they give you. Easy… Next step: put hand in plaster for ONE MINUTE. Wait, what? A minute? How am I going to hold Gracie’s hand in there for a minute? I decide 5 seconds should be good enough. So I put Gracie’s hand down and she grabs the plaster. Haha! Digs her nails in all the way down and grabs a huge chunk. I knew right then that this was not going to work! It looked nothing like a hand. Then, because I only held it in for a second, it kind of all flattened out in the end. Hm…. definitely looks like Gracie made it. Hehe.

After that fiasco… we thought it may be easier to do her foot. Wrong again. I think this project is made more for like a 5 YEAR old not 5 MONTH old. We definitely laughed and had fun, though. That’s all that matters anyways. I consider this a Pinterest fail but a memory win.

Handprint Ornament fail ||

I still wanted to have an actual handprint ornament craft… so we started over. Back to hobby lobby for supplies! Spoiler: this one actually turns out cute!

Handprint Ornament Tutorial || Handprint Ornament Tutorial ||

Materials You Need

Plain ornaments (Hobby Lobby has both frosted and regular- we did frosted!)

Elmers glue


Spray Adhesive




Put elmer’s glue all over baby’s hand. I used a brush at first, but it was actually easier just to spread it around with my fingers.

Next, place the ornament in baby’s hand. This craft actually works cause Gracie just tried to grab the ornament, which put her handprint on it perfectly!

Then, wash baby’s hand before she eats glue.

Next, fix up the handprint a bit with q tips or your finger. I made three of these and each one I had to touch up just a little. One of the ornament handprints only had 4 fingers. One of her fingers must not have pressed down, so I just made one with glue and a q-tip.

Handprint Ornament Tutorial ||

Then, sprinkle the glue handprint with glitter. And shake off the excess. Let it dry for about 10 minutes. After, I sprayed the ornaments with a spray adhesive so that the glitter wouldn’t get everywhere. Honestly, I’m not sure that this is even necessary.

After the spray dries, write a little message on it with your marker! Add a little ribbon and voila! Cute craft completed! Mine didn’t end up perfect but I think the little mistakes make it more charming!

Handprint Ornament Tutorial ||

Give both a try and let me know if you have better luck with the plaster handprint one. Maybe i’ll attempt that again next year? Or, maybe not.

Handprint Ornament Tutorial ||

Stocking Stuffers for babies

stocking stuffers for babies |

stocking stuffers for babies |

Stocking stuffers are fun! They are cute, small little presents that make me happy! Side note: do you wrap your stocking stuffers? I think growing up, the presents in our stockings were wrapped. Also… I think I remember getting an orange every year in my stocking. I need to ask my mom. Anyways- yeah stocking stuffers are cute! I wanted to make a list of my favorite stocking stuffers for Gracie. Some of these we already have, and some of these are on my “go-buy” list! Obviously number 7 can’t really fit in a stocking. But, maybe it comes in a small box with pieces to put together. You get the idea..  Here are my favs!

Nose Freida // This is actually more of a stocking stuffer for mom. But this crazy thing actually works. It seems disgusting but it’s not, it’s awesome. Basically you suck the boogers out of baby’s nose. EW? No- it doesn’t get to your mouth. There’s a filter and also a huge long tube. It never comes close. This is the only thing that actually works.

Amber Beads // I hear these are amazing for teething babies. I’m not exactly sure how it all works, but you put this on your baby and it’s supposed to relieve the pain from teething. Have you tried one? Let me know how it worked in the comments below. I have one for Gracie, but she hasn’t really started teething yet! Can’t wait to try it. I think it’s a good idea to have one- just in case you need it.

Banana Toothbrush // Another teether toy! This is adorable though. I read that it also helps baby get used to a toothbrush. It’s like a starter toothbrush. I just think it is so cute! And Gracie loves to chew on things- so I plan on getting her one of these!

Wubbanub // I love these things! We have 3 or 4 of these and they really are awesome. Gracie is not yet at the age where she can put her pacifier in her mouth by herself, unless she is using a wubbanub (we call them wubbies at our house). She loves playing with the stuffed animal part too. I think these are perfect for the car because that’s one place I can’t really help her get her pacifier. It seems to help a little!

Maracas // How cute are these little noise makers!? Gracie loves music so I think she would love these little rattles. I can also see Gracie trying to eat these because they have that crinkly bottom part. Why do babies love that crinkly-ness so much? Haven’t quite figured out that fascination yet.

Links // These links get outstanding reviews on amazon. If you’re like me, you really care about amazon reviews. At first I didn’t understand the hype.. but after reading through the reviews, I am certain that I need to get these! Basically you can link a bunch together and hang them and baby can chew and play with the links. Once I read that these worked for someone in the car, I was sold! You can just hang them from the car seat bar and they are always there!

Car Seat Toy // Gracie isn’t sure if she likes the car, yet. So, I’ve been on the hunt for a good car seat toy! This one probably won’t fit inside a stocking… unless you stuff it in there (hence the name stocking stuffer?). Anyways, the baby in the picture looks like he’s having fun… and I would love it if Gracie would have fun in the car! I’m going to give it a try and see if it helps! The amazon reviews sure seem like it will!

What are your favorite stocking stuffers for babies?!