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Our Favorite Baby Toys: 0-4 months

Best Baby Toys: 0-4 month guide |

Best Baby Toys: 0-4 month guide |

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We have a lot of baby toys! It’s good to have lots of toys for Gracie to play with, but I find that we keep coming back to the same few. These toys are the best baby toys for Gracie because they make her laugh, smile, and coo the most. She is happiest when she has one of these six toys. I know her tastes may change as she gets older, but for that past four months- these have remained her faves!

1//Sophie the Giraffe

This teether toy is all over instagram and pinterest and is named #1 toy by lots of people! It really is awesome. Gracie is not really teething yet, but she still loves this giraffe. It’s just the right size for her to hold. She loves licking and biting at the different parts. And it makes a cute squeak that always makes her smile. It also comes with super cute picture books. Buy it here!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |

2//Spots and Dots book 

I want Gracie to be a lover of books. She likes looking at books, but they don’t really make her smile or laugh… until I bought this one. Oh my- this has quickly become one of her favorite toys. I make sure I always have it with me. There are no words in this book- which I find to be kind of weird.. but Gracie totally digs it! We end up making our own words up anyways. Each page has different patterns on it that totally intrigue her. I got mine on amazon. The five star ratings convinced me.

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |

3//Chew Beads bracelet

We didn’t give this toy to Gracie until she was a little older. She loves chewing and licking it! It’s made out of a silicone rubber material, but doesn’t have any sort of weird rubber smell. Plus, it’s easy for Gracie to hold. She loves this! Grandma got her this at a children’s boutique, but you  can get it here.

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |

4//Infantino link and jingle 

Gracie has loved this toy since she was born! It makes a great rattle noise that isn’t obnoxious. This is one of the first toys she smiled and laughed at. It’s a little big to bite on, but Gracie likes shaking it and looking at it. It’s also easy to clip on her stroller or carseat when she needs a little entertaining on the go. I think we got this as a gift, but it’s on amazon too!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |

5//Baby Einstein radio

This toy has amazing reviews on amazon, and now I know why! Gracie absolutely loves this. It plays really nice music that we have not gotten tired of yet. This radio can calm Gracie down in a second when she is starting to get a bit fussy. We bring it to her doctors appointments, the mall, and especially the car. One time, I played this radio for Gracie on a two hour car ride and it helped her from having a complete melt down. This toy rocks!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |

6//Infantino zebra 

This toy makes Gracie really laugh. She loves the nice jingle it makes. It almost sounds like a wind chime- and I actually really enjoy this toy as much as Gracie (haha!). We call it Zoey the Zebra- Auntie Kaity came up with the name. Zoey velcros, too, so we sometimes put it on Gracie’s carseat. I also love the black and white spots on the rattle. It reminds me of Gracie’s spots and dots book. Buy this toy here!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |
And sometimes, we just play with a couple toys at once! Notice how 3 of her favorites are in this picture! She’s so happy!

Best baby toys: 0-4 months |

What are your baby’s favorite toys?

Document baby’s first year: A photo a day

Having a new baby has been the most exciting time of my life! Each day is filled with moments that I never want to forget. The days are going by so fast and I don’t want to miss out on anything! I found a way to document all of Gracie’s funny faces, smiles, laughs, and yes… even her cries. I was first just testing out a new app I found in the app store, and it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of my day! This simple project is a great way to document your baby’s first year of life… by choosing one photo a day.

Documenting baby's first year: A photo a day project |

To do this photo journal project, you need to download the collect app. It’s technically called collect-photo journal in the app store. It isn’t free… it costs $1.99- but it is so worth it. You won’t regret it. Simply take a photo every day of your baby. If you are like me, you probably take like 1,000 photos a day. HA! But seriously. You can only choose one a day. That’s the hard part- choosing the one photo that sums up that day. But I also like that about this app. It simplifies all my photos to just my favorite one of the day.

Documenting baby's first year: A photo a day project |

Everytime you upload a picture, you can journal a few sentences to remind yourself of what you did that day. I don’t know about you, but this is just an easy way to journal! I know I will be happy with myself that I took the time to document what happened each day. Now I won’t have to say… hmm.. when did Gracie first roll over? I can just look in my app!

Document baby's first year | www.gracefulmommy.comDocument baby's first year |

This app puts the photos into a calendar format. I love this! It is so organized and easy to look at. I love going back and looking at past months. Gracie is almost 5 months old and it is so much fun to look back at how much she has already changed.

Documenting baby's first year |

Once the month is over (side note: did I mention how fast time goes??!?), I use another app to edit my calendar to make it a little prettier. The collect app has the option to do this, but you have to pay extra. I already had an editing app that I love so I went with that one. I use the Rhonna Designs app ($1.99) to edit the month photo.

To edit the month, click the share button in the collect app. Click create collage and choose a collage design. I always choose the basic one so I can add designs in my editing app. You can also just choose the one that already has the month and the year. If you want to edit your calendar more, open up your photo in the Rhonna Designs app. I always make sure to add the month and the year to my photos. Then, I usually add a few little designs to make it more fun. And there you go! You finished one month of your photo journal! Keep it up every day for 11 more months and you officially documented your baby’s first year of life with a photo a day!

I’ve already done 4 and half months of photo journaling with this app. I am planning on doing it as long as I can- even past Gracie’s first birthday! I think I will get the first 12 months printed out and make a book out of them! Stay tuned for a future blog post with her finished book!

Documenting baby's first year |

Do you have any questions on how to do this project? How did you document your baby’s first year of life? I’d love to hear other ideas!

REVIEW: solly baby wrap

Solly Baby Wrap review |

Solly Baby Wrap review |

What is the Solly Baby Wrap? 

The Solly Baby Wrap is a long piece of stretchy, knit, fabric that allows you to wear your baby close to your body.

What is different? 

There are a lot of baby carriers out there- the Moby, Ergo, the ring sling, and a lot more. The Solly Wrap is different because of the material it is made out of. This wrap is made from a super stretchy, super thin material. It also comes in tons of colors!

Solly Baby Wrap review |

The Good?

I absolutely love how thin this wrap is. Being in south Florida makes wearing your baby hard. In other carriers I try, I am instantly sweating. This one is awesome because the fabric is super breathable. I especially love the gray and white stripe design. It is so classic + beautiful. The Solly wrap is small enough that it can fit inside my diaper bag. The creator of Solly Wrap has her own YouTube channel where she shows you how to put it on. Love this! Another good thing is this doubles as a blanket or even a nursing cover if you need to! And… it’s just beautiful. It makes any outfit instantly cuter.

The Bad?

The YouTube videos definitely help when you are learning how to put this thing on, but it still is difficult the first couple of times. It took me about three times to feel confident in putting Gracie in. One thing I noticed is that I get a little tired after wearing Gracie in this after a while. Also, I think it would be hard to nurse while wearing baby in the wrap- although I bet you could.

Best for?

The Solly Baby Wrap is great for a baby’s first year or up to 25 lbs. I think it is best for babies up to 6 months. After 6 months I think Gracie may be a little heavy for me in this wrap. This wrap is perfect for moms that want to get stuff done, but don’t want to always put baby down to do things. I would also say its best for moms but dads can TOTALLY rock it!

Solly Baby Wrap review |


I bought mine at . It was so hard to pick which one because they are all SO cute!


The Wrap is kinda pricey at $65, but SO worth it! I love putting Gracie in this wrap to shop, do housework, or just to calm her down. She instantly is at peace in the Solly and usually falls right asleep. I would definitely recommend getting one!

Solly Baby Wrap review |

My vote?

You need one!

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