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Holiday Gifts for New Moms

Holiday gifts for new moms- great ideas!

Holiday gifts for new moms - Great ideas!

Can you believe it’s Christmas time- yay! My favorite time of the year! Christmas is a lot more than presents, but they sure do make the season fun. These are some of my favorite gifts for new moms. I have actually received a couple of these as gifts after having Gracie and they really are the greatest.

All of these cute mommy gifts can be found on Etsy. I just love Etsy + supporting small shops!

Mama Bear Shirt // How cute is this!? It looks so comfy, and I love the cursive font. I would totally rock this tee!

Mom bar necklace // My in-laws (+sissy in law) got me this beautiful necklace from WoobieBeans Etsy shop. It is stunning. I love this subtle way to show off my new motherhood! On two sides of mine it says mommy and on the other two it says Gracie. Too cute!

Silicone teething necklace // This is such a cute necklace that also doubles as a teether. I have one similar to this and it’s so fun to wear! Plus Gracie loves chewing on it. A new mama would love this gift.

Baby book calendar // Ah- I love this gift! My hubby got this for me after having Gracie. It’s such an easy way to keep track of anything Gracie related. And-the design is so cute! Blog post coming soon on how I use this!

Personalized baby pillow // I first saw this on one of my favorite instagrammer’s account. This is such a fun way to remember those important stats from baby’s birth. The design is fun + perfect for the rocking chair in the nursery!

Fun coffee mug // How awesome is this mug. Seriously, as a mom, nap time is hustle time. Once baby is asleep it’s time to eat, fold that enormous pile of laundry, catch up on news, or finally have that cup of coffee you’ve been thinking about.

holiday gifts for new moms- Great ideas!

What was your favorite gift you received as a new mama?

Christmas time baby bucket list

Baby's First Christmas! A great bucket list on everything to get done on this special year!

Bucket List: Baby's first Christmas. FREE PRINTABLE! |

There is something so cozy and warm about traditions. Growing up, my family always did certain things every year. As a kid, you rely on these traditions and you look forward to them each year. Traditions are comforting. Some of my best memories come from times when we did certain traditions. Each year, we went to this giant christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. We also always made christmas cookies (the same recipes). My Auntie Shar would read the same christmas book each year to my cousin Rachel and I while we sipped hot chocolate with marshmallows. Ah… memories!

As important it is to actually DO all the things, it’s equally important to capture these moments on video! I am such an advocate of videoing important family moments. I feel like this is the BEST WAY to capture those tiny personalities and hold them safe forever. My IPHONE VIDEO COURSE is the perfect way to learn how to take amazing videos with JUST your iPhone! Check it out, here! 

Gracie is already 5 months old and we’ve started doing some activities with her that we know will slowly become traditions that we do every year. This year, we took her to a pumpkin patch, went trick-or-treating, and watched the Macy’s Day Parade together. I want to make sure Gracie’s first Christmas is full of new and old traditions. Some of these activities are things that my parents did with me as a kid. Some of them are brand new – but I would love to start doing them each year.

This bucket list is full of fun ideas for Christmas time! We’re going to try to do all of them! I’m sure we won’t end up doing all of these things each year, but I know some of these activities will become traditions.

Download the FREE printable here.

FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Bucket list |

Bucket List: Baby’s First Christmas

Drive around to look at Christmas Lights // This is so fun! We actually have this drive through light show near us that we want to take Gracie to! 

Take a photo with Santa // I can’t wait to see the look on Gracie’s face when she sees santa! Bringing the professional camera FOR SURE. 

Get new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve // This is one of those traditions that we did growing up. We always got jammies to wear for christmas eve. Every year- even still!!! 

Decorate a gingerbread house // I never did this one growing up- but it’s something I want to start with Gracie! 

Decorate the tree // DUH! We gotta do this! I bet babies think Christmas lights are like the coolest thing ever. 

Go to Disney World to see the decorations + lights // Were actually going in 11 days! Stay tuned for lots of pics. 

Make an ornament // We are going to make a few this year since it’s Gracie’s first Christmas! 

Watch Christmas movies // This needs to happen all month. (Actually, I’ve sort of cheated and started watching Christmas movies like November 1st) 

Drink hot chocolate // Yum! Plus this always reminds me of my Auntie Shar. 

Send out Christmas Cards // Gotta get these done, ASAP! 

Play Christmas music // What is it about Christmas music that just instantly makes you happy? My current fav is Pentatonix christmas album. 

Read Christmas books // I actually have a whole box of Christmas books in the attic that my husband Dave needs to get down! 

Tell Gracie the true meaning of Christmas // All of the lights, presents, and decorations are nothing compared to the amazing story of the birth of Jesus. This is the time to celebrate our King’s birthday + to appreciate all He has done and will do. 

FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Bucket list |

I know Gracie is only 5 months old…and can’t really do any of this (haha!!!). But, I want to start these traditions on her first Christmas, because I know it sets the stage for many years to come. Plus- these are things that I like to do each year anyways! Like I said… I am a fan of traditions.

Download the free printable here!

FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Bucket list |

I am such an advocate of videoing important family moments. I feel like this is the BEST WAY to capture those tiny personalities and hold them safe forever. My IPHONE VIDEO COURSE is the perfect way to learn how to take amazing videos with JUST your iPhone! Check it out, here! 

Newborn Baby Shadowbox

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! |

DIY newborn baby shadow box- Great ideas! |

Don’t keep baby’s newborn mementos in a box under the bed- display them in a beautiful shadowbox!

I always heard moms say how fast time flies with kids. I get it now. Time really does speed by! I can’t believe Gracie is almost five months old. I wanted to make a shadowbox that would hold all of the memories from Gracie’s birth so I can always remember that special day. When I was making this shadowbox, memories of her birth came rushing back to me! That’s why I love this project. I’m going to hang it in Gracie’s nursery so I can always have these memories to look at! It’s just so beautiful!

diy newborn baby shadow box - Great tips! |

Materials You Need

Shadowbox- Mine opens from the front, but you can get any type.

Sewing pins- They are prettier than thumbtacks and they come in different colors.

Background Paper- Gracie’s new nursery theme will be white and gold so I wanted it to match. Burlap would also be cool! Pick something that is neutral or goes with the nursery. 

(Side note: I got all of my materials at Hobby Lobby. They have some really cute shadowboxes!)

Mementos from birth- See the list below for some good ideas! 

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! |

Baby Items I Included

Going home outfit

Baby’s hospital bracelet

Photo from hospital

Newborn hat

Baby blanket


Footprints- I scanned Gracie’s footprints to reduce the size of them to fit!

Shower invitation

Ultrasound photo

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! |

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! |

Other Items to Include 



Birth Announcement

Hospital bassinet card

Newborn diaper

How To Layer Items

It was really tricky to fit everything I wanted inside the shadowbox. Make two piles of your baby mementos. One pile of things you must include and one pile of maybe items. Start with the big items first- like the going home outfit and the baby blanket. The shadowbox I got was not a very deep one, so it was tricky getting everything in. I cut the blanket into a square so it would fit. And it took a couple of tries to fold the newborn outfit just perfect to fit. Play around with it until you get it right. Start putting the items down and rearrange them until the shadowbox looks good. Once you like the way it looks, start pinning stuff down! Remember, you can always rearrange stuff!

DIY newborn baby shadowbox- Great tips! |

I love this project because Gracie’s beautiful keepsakes from her birth are now beautifully displayed. And yes… I get a little teary eyed every time I look at it! *Special thanks to my mom-in-law (Grandma!) for her help with the project!*


What did you do with all of your newborn’s mementos?