• Happy 1st Birthday Gracie! Read Gracie's ONE YEAR UPDATE on the blog. Gracefulmommy.com


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE! I cannot believe a whole year has flown by- it just doesn't make sense to me! She has grown and changed so much in just one year, it's crazy. Below are some [...]

  • Gracie 11 month update! Can't believe how fast the year went. Read more at gracefulmommy.com

Update: MONTH 11

Gracie is 11 months old! This is almost our last monthly update. It went so fast!! Today's an extra special day because Dave + I are also celebrating our 4 year anniversary!! Gramma baked an extra [...]

  • Gracie's 9 month update! www.gracefulmommy.com

UPDATE: Month 9

Happy 9 months Gracie! To me 9 months is a fun update (aren't they all fun though), because Gracie was in my belly for 9 months and now she's been on the "outside" for 9 [...]


  • Cutest custom unicorn doll! I have to have one of these!

Little Sunshine Creations

Gracie has found her new best friend. Of course I'm still her best friend cause I'm here mama. But she really did fall in love with something! Her very own doll from Little Sunshine Creations. [...]

  • The Story Box is an awesome subscription that sends books to your child every month! What a great way to encourage reading at home!!

The Story Box Subscription

I love monthly subscription boxes! I think they are just so much fun, and gives you something to look forward to each month. I've tried a few for me that I really loved. So [...]

  • Great review of ZOOCCHINI products! This brand sells so many awesome baby products!


I had the pleasure of working with an amazing company that I wanted to share with you! They are called ZOOCCHINI. ZOOCCHINI is a brand that started in 2007. They are known for their [...]