Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort Review

It's official! I've been blogging for ONE year. That's crazy! I started a blog just to share pictures of Gracie, and it's truly turned into something I could never imagine a year ago. To [...]

Fall Bucket List

Ah, Fall is here! In South Florida, it definitely doesn't feel like it is here. But it is October now, so in my mind fall has started. Hopefully it will start cooling off a bit! [...]

Little Sprout Co.

There is a company that I've been dying to share with you all--- Little Sprout Co! They are right here in South Florida, but ship anywhere in the U.S. Little Sprout Co. is amazing [...]


Annual Cookie Bake-A-Thon

I'm so excited to share some photos from our Annual Cookie Bake-A-Thon! Every year, we come together as a family to celebrate a day full of cookies and fun. Ever since I was a [...]

Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

There are now only 25 days left until Christmas! I took advantage of some of the amazing black Friday shopping deals a few days ago, and stocked up on a lot of great toys [...]

Holiday House Tour

I'm usually not one to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I always felt like it took away from the fall feel of Thanksgiving. But, here we are, decorating for Christmas! This is our first [...]